Post 1524: getting attention…

Doug likes me to brush him. It’s quality time for the two of us and his fur is so thick, he can’t effectively get down to the undercoat.

Of course, when Dougy’s getting all the attention, Andy has to be resourceful to get his share. Here he holds a chair up with his teeth. Smart kitty!

61 thoughts on “Post 1524: getting attention…

    • I’m glad people got the joke, and cats, too! Though this is a dry climate, the kitty boys don’t seems to have problems with dry skin. I suppose there is enough humidity inside because of cooking and showers that they avoid that one problem.

      Andy has less undercoat than his brother, so he sometimes resists brushing because it must be less pleasant for him than Dougy. Dougy, on the other hand, love, love, loves it! His hair is so thick, he needs some help to keep it nice.

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