Post 1526: Upset kitty!

I got this much fluff off of one side of Dougy’s butt. I also managed to reduce the matted hair there significantly. Only problem: Dougy had to endure some discomfort. He’s “finishing” the job in the photos above, licking down the fur I ruffled with the dematting comb.


Yes, Dougy’s upset!

26 thoughts on “Post 1526: Upset kitty!

    • I had to try to pull the larger ones apart (which is like undoing a tight knot). The smaller they became, the easier it was to brush them out without pain for the kitty. Willow’s at a venerable age, and I’m sure just having to put up with interruption of her naps is an irritation!

    • I know you are right about that! I think the best cat for a person clever about making yarn, weaving, and knitting would be a Persian kitty or two. I suspect white Persians would be best so you could dye the yarn, but natural kitty colors are quite pleasing, too!

  1. I have reall thick hair and occasionally get nasty knots in it, usually after clearing the garden. I have sympathy for the boys, not a single wild cat has fur like that. Beautiful but high maintenanance.

    • There you go! How true, though. Wild cats of various species do mostly have short hair they can maintain easily. I imagine those with some long hair (for example lion males) probably have hair with a texture that resists tangles. I know even my kitty boys’ tails have a tangle-resistant textured hair.

    • Even I don’t like baths for kitty boys! We went through that when they were kittens and young cats, thanks to a diarrhea problem caused by eating an infected grasshopper when they were wee kittens!

      They do get v=baths at the groomer’s, but they have proper equipment to bathe cats and dogs. A bathroom sink or bathtub could work if they didn’t come equipped with claws and teeth!

        • Not at all. That you’d even take them as clients is incredible!

          I know my groomers do require (reasonably) that all clients have their rabies shots and any others recommended for the species. Also, they make no bones about it that unruly pets will be banned from future service.

          I presume you also kept your tetanus shot up to date, too.

          I’ve been assured that the worst behavior they see with the kitty boys is when Andy gets bored and uncooperative. The handle it by getting him trimmed up as evenly as possible, then cutting the session short. Since I can’t see any problem with the result when they tell me that (which I appreciate), I think he gets bored pretty close to the end of the session when it happens.

          Dougy sometimes get yowly in the carrier, which he hates, but only when he sees he has an audience. For that reason, I’m glad I live only two blocks from the groomers’ shop. If I had to drive to any of the regional groomers, he’;d be in the carrier hours longer.

          • Back then, I groomed out of my home but also worked at a vet’s so got regular rabies shots. And I was a newly single mom, so I couldn’t afford to turn them away. And yes, I would get bit sometimes. Cat bites are worse than dogs, since they don’t nip; they keep going until their teeth are fully in. Since most vaccs are to keep dogs from getting stuff from each other, I didn’t require it. I only ever had one animal in at a time, and they were only there for as long as it took me to groom them. You do have good groomers, so I hope you can work this out.

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