Post 1538: Arise you sleepyhead! Mrow!

Dougy and I have been up for hours, but Andy went back to sleep on the bookcase, which is by a fan he likes to have running. “I give up!” Dougy seems to say, and he leaves for kitty fun elsewhere; I stay behind.

Andy sleeps but is very aware of his surroundings the same…


…so when I touch his foot, he reminds me he has claws. DO NOT DISTURB!

Oops!! The lion does not sleep tonight~! I woke him up, and he is, um, grumpy? Still sleepy? Upset?

Andy claws and bites (gently) into my hand when I tickle his tummy, but eventually decides to put up with me till he can move on to another hidey hole. I bet he’s sleeping in the towel cabinet in the guest bedroom now! 

Yes, I’ll let him sleep.



26 thoughts on “Post 1538: Arise you sleepyhead! Mrow!

  1. Andy has the right idea up their on that bookcase by the cool breeze! I would do the same. Does Andy like his tummy rubbed most days? I only let Dad rub my tummy and it’s when he I’m upside down in his arms with my belly up. Tee hee hee.


    • Yes, Andy does like his tummy “scritched” and rtubbed, but he really likes having you rub his b=face and the little spot he can’t reach right between his eyes. Yes,Andy and I like sleeping with a fan!


    • Hey, tummy tickling will do that! Andy’s so sweet when he’s sleeping that I can’t help it – tummy tickling, I mean. Of course, the claws and teeth do come out. He applies just enough pressure to let me know “Stop it!” but not break skin.

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    • Not to my knowledge. Dougy is the night owl. Andy sleeps on that little bookcase, which is within arm’s reach by me in bed. I think Andy (being the smarter of the two, I think) does that to save energy in case I get up after Dougy pesters me to get up and feed the kitties.

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  2. Hello weegie boy, i hope that you are fine since all that time. i have been absent a lot, but i am fine. I needed to take a little break. I see that the boys are fine. Do they watch game of thrones? lol If they do i hope that they are not Lannisters funs lol. but I will send them the Lannisters songs talks about cats and claws and a proud lord that was killed by a machiavelous lord.


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