Post 1538: Arise you sleepyhead! Mrow!

Dougy and I have been up for hours, but Andy went back to sleep on the bookcase, which is by a fan he likes to have running. “I give up!” Dougy seems to say, and he leaves for kitty fun elsewhere; I stay behind.

Andy sleeps but is very aware of his surroundings the same…


…so when I touch his foot, he reminds me he has claws. DO NOT DISTURB!

Oops!! The lion does not sleep tonight~! I woke him up, and he is, um, grumpy? Still sleepy? Upset?

Andy claws and bites (gently) into my hand when I tickle his tummy, but eventually decides to put up with me till he can move on to another hidey hole. I bet he’s sleeping in the towel cabinet in the guest bedroom now! 

Yes, I’ll let him sleep.


26 thoughts on “Post 1538: Arise you sleepyhead! Mrow!

  1. Andy has the right idea up their on that bookcase by the cool breeze! I would do the same. Does Andy like his tummy rubbed most days? I only let Dad rub my tummy and it’s when he I’m upside down in his arms with my belly up. Tee hee hee.

    • Yes, Andy does like his tummy “scritched” and rtubbed, but he really likes having you rub his b=face and the little spot he can’t reach right between his eyes. Yes,Andy and I like sleeping with a fan!

    • Hey, tummy tickling will do that! Andy’s so sweet when he’s sleeping that I can’t help it – tummy tickling, I mean. Of course, the claws and teeth do come out. He applies just enough pressure to let me know “Stop it!” but not break skin.

    • Not to my knowledge. Dougy is the night owl. Andy sleeps on that little bookcase, which is within arm’s reach by me in bed. I think Andy (being the smarter of the two, I think) does that to save energy in case I get up after Dougy pesters me to get up and feed the kitties.

  2. He probably needec to recover his energy from all that playing with toys. Does he try to wake you up and pester you when you need an extra nap?

  3. Hello weegie boy, i hope that you are fine since all that time. i have been absent a lot, but i am fine. I needed to take a little break. I see that the boys are fine. Do they watch game of thrones? lol If they do i hope that they are not Lannisters funs lol. but I will send them the Lannisters songs talks about cats and claws and a proud lord that was killed by a machiavelous lord.

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