Post 1564: Dougy protests he does too move!


I mean, Dougy says he does move – i.e. he isn’t a meatloaf – yet I have to sneak around to get evidence of it!

Proof enough, Douglas! So…


…let me give you a nose “scritch”! 

30 thoughts on “Post 1564: Dougy protests he does too move!

  1. Ha ha… 😉 But I must say that I often feel that moving is over-rated..
    sometimes when I spend all day snoozing mum tries to make me get up and play outside, and if I’m not in the mood I make myself as hard to shift as possible!! hee hee…
    Lots of licks, your new friend Morrie 🙂

  2. So happy to make your acquaintance (as well as meet the “meatloaf”) through the Blogville card exchange. We’re in Chicagoland with Abby the Senior Rescue. My husband is a mechanical engineer/inventor. I’m a best selling author, former airline pilot (point A to point B got boring pretty quick) and current federal agent (just like on TV but without the $1000 suits, cleavage, private jets to whisk us to a crime scene, perfect hair, and the ability to solve everything in an hour, but otherwise just like on TV 🙂 You have led a most interesting life.

  3. Read your comment on poop! My overweight cat (who has issues cleaning herself) developed diarrhea yesterday. Oy vay! Fortunately I caught her before she soiled the whole house but it’s not one of my favorite chores. She’s a short hair but poop still sticks especially the wet stuff.

    • Ugh! I remember the time Andy (with poopy wet butt) got away from me and ran throughout the whole apartment….. He was a young cat at the time, perhaps six months old, which is to say, he was beginning to be Persian cat-like, and the poop stuck to his fur! Whew~!

    • That I will. And, yes, the kitty boys are very soft to the touch, and I have a hard time not petting them every chance I get! Though they don’t like to be held b=very long, the older they get, the longer they let me hold them. One of these days, I might complain because they both want to camp out on my lap, but not yet~!

    • Gad! When the kitty boys were young, they had perpetual diarrhea because of a parasite they picked up from an infected grasshopper. Persian cat + diarrhea = daily baths to remove the poop! Do that with two Persian kitties, and you realize I am sympathetic and understand what your friend is going through! Mine were kittens at the time. Even then, though, they put up an amazing struggle to avoid the water and soap! Later, before I started having them trimmed on a regular schedule, they’d occasionally get whole bowel movements trapped in their bum hair. That had to be soaked and massaged out of that hair…. UGH! The term for the trim in that area is “hygienic trim”, and I highly recommend them on Persian and other long-haired pets!

      • I shall pass on your sage advice to my long-suffering friend, Weggers. They are beautiful creatures, and I say that as a non-moggy enthusiast, but very high maintenance it would appear. A bit like women I would nervously suggest 😀

          • Ha! You coward sir! :D. Quick moggy update: My friend informs me that she has given her feline pal a bath of sorts and has cleaned all the relevant parts so to speak but that the contrary little madame wouldn’t allow her face to be washed and became difficult. That’s women for you, I’m afraid 😀

          • I got to the place where I half-bathe them. I’d fill the sink enough to immerse the little darlings hind legs through tail. It wasn’t any more fun for them or me, but the worst thing is a wet Persian cat. Their fur is like a sponge. If they get away from me before I finish rinsing and wrapping them in a towel (three arms would be helpful, but four would be better!), I have a very wet escapee running through the apartment. I’m more than willing to leave this cat washing business to professionals except in instances of poop in fur! Yes, washing the little darlings’ faces is impossible here, too.

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