Post 1646: day of rest…



The kitty boys woke me up an hour earlier this morning – 11:30 PM! – so they are exhausted.

Yeah, we had kitty food, kitty videos, kitty treats, and kitty wand toy time till 3:20 AM, so I guess it stands to reason they just want me to leave them alone now that I’m wide awake. (I’ll catch a nap later.)


14 thoughts on “Post 1646: day of rest…

    • Getting me up at gawd-awful-o’clock to feed them, then doing their morning activities wears them out. As you know, just because the humans declare Daylight Savings Time doesn’t mean our animal friends honor it! They were born on July 1st, 2011, and to this day, they are on Daylight Savings Time. That means winters are long and tiring because they get me up at 12:30 instead of 1:30! (The little rascals…!)

  1. What beautiful cats!! I have not had cats for some years, but I grew up with them 🙂 My husband successfully turned me into a dog person. I am glad for that because I think it would be a lot more difficult to travel with a cat! haha!

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    • Don’t tell them I told you the kitty boys’ secret strategy of “send Andy in to walk on the human and swish his tail on his face, then send in Andy to walk on the human, swish his tail in the human’s face, then knead his arm, them make piteous kitty sounds that suggest staring pets about to call the ASPCA….” to leads up to the very early kitty food time!

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