Post 1645: Dougy’s morning routine…

Of course, Nr. 1 is wake up the human so kitties can eat the kitty food!

Then Dougy stops by his ottoman to lounge. He hints at what he needs from me: “scritches”, a brushing, to ignore him while he gives himself a kitty bath. This is Dougy’s favorite happy place, except for…

…the recliner, where he loves to play wand toy! 


Andy watches from his happy place on the computer desk. As soon as Dougy leaves Andy will take over his other happy place, the same recliner. The kitty boys get along because they respect each other’s routines…most of the time!


8 thoughts on “Post 1645: Dougy’s morning routine…

    • Me, too! It used to be the only way I could keep them separated until they became more part of the fabric of my life. I can reliably tell them apart from any direction now.

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