Post 1647: they call them memory sticks…


I decided to take a look at the files saved on the PC memory stick Andy always wants to take off the PC. Today’s post features some of the things I found when I put it on my laptop, the tool I’ve come to prefer. First found: the “fake poster” above! That’s Dougy trying to play innocent. LOL! Yeah, sure! 

Of these four Dougy photos, only the last one is a good kitty photo of Dougy. Top left – Dougy takes on camera strap; top right – Dougy takes unauthorized excursion outside; bottom left – Dougy caught after he knocked over wastepaper basket; bottom right – good kitty! Dougy uses little red chair to watch critters out the back door…

…while getting his kitty on to deny Andy a chance to watch critters out the same back door. Look how he deploys “The Glance” in the last photo as Andy walks toward the pot he eventually claimed for his perch. Dougy then found critters more interesting than denying Andy a chance to watch them, too.

Of course, Andy isn’t all about cuteness! On the left, he considers what he can wipe out on the computer desk. Then, well, cuteness!

Of course, the time Dougy discovered a slightly open drawer on the little desk, he encouraged his brother to join him because Andy is the master of opening drawers and doors! That was when I had to intervene. [See last photo!]

That was fun taking a look at the files on the memory stick. I’ll continue this in future.




30 thoughts on “Post 1647: they call them memory sticks…

  1. I bet that was a fun surprise for you to see those pics again. This post reminds Mom of the lil’ computer stick than Mom found the other day that had been missing for over a year. I wonder if there’s pics of me on it! Tell Andy & Dougy I’ll join them in getting into trashcans & cupboards!

    • Cabinet doors are simple since he puts his front paws on the top of the door and walks backwards, but drawers usually have lots of clutter in them, making them a bit heavy for a little guy to pull open. I was amazed the first time I saw him do it!

    • I think I’ll do some more old photos for today’s post. I had a great time reliving the things they did in past times.

      The drawer business was especially interesting to revisit since Andy usually is the instigator instead of Dougy. It was interesting to see he encouraged Andy to come over for assistance!

    • Barely started! I hope to go back as far as the go, hoping they include some kitten photos as well. I don’t recall how far back they were on the PC, but copied all the photo and video files to the stick at one point. The PC drive (I think) crashed, so I can’t check.

  2. now I know why they came up with that name… because that stick holds the best memories we make wile living together… eggs-cept the stick of the mama what holds 87 episodes of RHONY… a thing we rather should furget ;O)))

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