Post 1694: Wee Andy’s much better!




Dougy and I try to keep our daily routines, though Andy’s always on our minds.


I visited Andy at the animal clinic yesterday after dialysis. He looked much better and his veterinarian told me he was doing much better, too! His blood pressure is down nicely, thanks to the new blood pressure medication, and is expected to improve more by Monday, when we likely get to bring him home.

I made sure I got Andy’s scent on my hands, petting him and running his “fab” tail through my hand several times. Dougy was interested and excited when I came home and let him smell my hands till his curiosity about his brother was sated!

We both miss Andy. The main concern is he’s better and closer to coming home!


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    • Thanks a lot, Gerry! I really miss having two kitties around the place, though I prefer Andy stay where he is till he is well enough to come home. Today’s the big day. Will he come home today or not? “Yes” is the tentative answer I got when I talked with Andy’s veterinarian Saturday.

      • You are very sensible as well as caring, Doug. Best as you say, leave it to the expert. The worst scenario would be for a return home too soon and a relapse. Well said, and best of luck and some extra cyber fussing for the furries, especially if they get back together. Cheers Sir.

        • Exactly. I am concerned about infection control as well. I am uncertain about the origins of the infection, what I can do to prevent the problem. I’m not sure I recognize the symptoms or if I have to rely on clues in behavior. As many years as I’ve had kitties, I still have a lot to learn!

  1. That is good news, Doug! UTIs in cats can be hard to get rid of. Willow ended up on 2 weeks of Zeniquin when she had her last UTI and that cleaned things up pretty good. She has a congenital defect where the neck of her bladder does not close all the way, which makes her prone to UTIs.

  2. Woohoo, Andy should be coming home soon. There is one place you want to be when you’re sick and that is, dang, at the Vet’s. However to get truly better, one has to be home. Wishing you get home tomorrow dear Andy.


    • Andy is a champ when it comes to being at the veterinarian’s, but I know he will take a fast tour of the place when I bring him home. Of course, he and Dougy will have to sniff each other till they are reassured the other kitty is the right one for the place! (“That you, brother?!”)

    • Exactly! Though dialysis days tie me up in the mornings, Monday is a free day where I can be available in minutes to pick up the missing Andy! Dougy will be delighted to have his brother and lifelong playmate home again, too.

    • He was delighted to smell Andy on my hands, but has been insisting I bring him out of hiding, meowing his dismay that Andy doesn’t show up. I will be glad to have Andy home again, of course, but Dougy will be especially relieved to see his brother and lifelong playmate again!

  3. Oh that is the best Easter gift for you and Dougy to learn that Andy is getting better. I’m so happy, too! It won’t be long now before the brofurs will be playing musical chairs with the recliner again! Tee hee hee! Happy Easter to you from me & Mom!

    • Thanks, and Happy Easter to you, too! Yes, I look forward to the kitty boys entertaining themselves again since that means I’m not the sole entertainment for just Dougy!

      • You are so lucky! I’ve struggled with adopting a kitty because of renting g, yet it’s a small fee for a dog or cat. Living alone for two years now, a kitty would be wonderful company.

        • Where I rent, there is a non-refundable pet deposit. I paid $100. They wanted to increase it to $1000 last year! That got a very poor response, given many elderly people have pets as companions, can’t afford $1000, and, well, it’s outrageous to consider such a high deposit! They did reduce the number of small animals people can have from three to two. Of course, people who brought pets into the complex before the changes were grandfathered, fortunately.

          • I don’t recall what the final deposit was, but it was more like the $100 I paid. I agree greed was part of the plan. Frankly, I would expect a significant improvement in services to justify that extortion! At $1000 when I got the kitty boys, I probably wouldn’t have got them.

          • Me, too! I was enchanted by the little guys first thing when I met them when they were kittens, and it was those big eyes and those smoochy Persian faces! (I don’t kiss pets, but if i did, I would have smooched them left and right.)

  4. So glad to hear that your kitty is doing better. I understand how difficult it is to see our fur babies in pain. It is a helpless, agonizing feeling and you have my thoughts and prayers as you and your beloved kitties endure this challenge.

  5. Good to hear Andy is improved. I know sometimes after long term use some humans have to change their medication because it becomes ineffective. It sounds like the new medication is working well. I hope you get a call first thing Monday asking you to come fetch him home, I know you both miss him.

    • Me, too! Of course, I’d rather know he was over his medical issues or they were in control as far as what I can do at home. I know Dougy and Andy will have a big sniff session, maybe even play a little if Andy is up to it.

      • Louis Catorze also seems to be doing well. His fur & skin are good, & he’s even managed to muster up the energy to have a stand-off with some parakeets. Here’s to healthy cats! 🥂

        • It struck me as odd that I haven’t seen your posts for some time, so i checked. Somewhere along the line the “follow” ended. Well, I’ve refollowed and see I have a massive number of posts to read! Good thing your posts always are interesting, eh?! Anyway, I salute Le Roi and am pleased his health issues are better, too!

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