Post 1695: Dougy needs entertainment…

With his brother in the clinic, Dougy’s put heavy demand on me to entertain him. Of course, he has to take out time for other important kitty business… LOL!


With any luck, we will bring Andy home from the veterinarian clinic later today, and he – if he’s in the mood – can help entertain Dougy, too. It’s a big job.

66 thoughts on “Post 1695: Dougy needs entertainment…

  1. I just saw all your posts about poor Andy. I didn’t even know animals could get high blood pressure! That made for a difficult holiday, but what a relief that Andy is doing better and coming home. P.S. Of course you made the right choice to take care of yourself first (dialysis). If you don’t you can’t take care of your babies! Hoping all goes well for Andy.

    • Thanks! Yes, it is difficult to imagine what factors cause high blood pressure in animals, yet they can have it. The potential effects of it are damage to the vascular systems in the kidneys and eyes, causing end term kidney failure and blindness. They can suffer strokes, too. At any rate, it is good there is treatment for the condition, and I am grateful it can be administered in a liquid for flavored with chicken or tuna flavors. Andy will get his in chicken flavor.

  2. I do hope you can re-unite the boys today. I always use an old T shirt to carry scent, the slightly worn soft fabric holds the scent and they can lay on it. Then you can feel safe to wash your hands. We live and learn.

    • There’s a terry cloth towel in the carrier I used to take Andy to the clinic. In future, though I hope it isn’t any time soon, I would return the towel home for the home kitty to smell of the sick one. He could lie on it, sleep on it, do whatever he wanted with it. Good suggestion, Angela! Of course, I washed my hands after Dougy got a good sniff of them because I was headed out for a lunch with friends afterwards, and I have to be fussy about personal hygiene because of my health issues and a vulnerability to infections if I am not.

    • It’s possible, though they haven’t hissed at each other after other separations because of illness. I know there will be a slow reunion till they are sure each kitty is the other, though.

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