Post 1726: learning from my cats…

I bought this kitty lounger for both of the kitties to share, then I realized Andy needed one for himself. There is a lot to learn about cat priorities and politics, and the lounger episode brought up one: Dougy couldn’t and wouldn’t share the lounger with Andy once he decided it was his lounger! It’s part of the kitty code.

I learned most of what I know about cats by making mistakes understanding cat politics and priorities.

 Here are a few of the things I know about cats that I didn’t know before I got Andy and Dougy: kitties don’t share much; kitties sniff butts; kitties knock over wastepaper baskets; kitties sometimes poop on the carpet even though there are three litter boxes (one for each cat plus one, they tell you…and that is the reality here); there are reasons for pooping on the carpet and you have to learn Cattinese to find them out; there is no manual for learning Cattinese – you are on your own, Bub; you will find anything squishy coming out of either end of your cats with your bare feet in the dark; anything squishy coming out of either end of your cats will be on the carpet; scratching posts come in many shapes and colors, for example, settee-shaped and ottoman-shaped; you don’t want to medicate a cat and the cat agrees with you; if you rent, there is a good reason pet deposits (sic) aren’t refundable; if you move a litter box, the cats most likely will continue to use the spot where it used to be as their toilet…and more.

andy left, dougy right IMG_20170419_131234

I still love the little buggers, though, and expect my cat education to continue as long as I have them.



28 thoughts on “Post 1726: learning from my cats…

  1. Sounds like quite an adventure. The carpet bit is why I’m glad I have hard surface floors. Frankly, even though I like dogs, I am happy to trade stepping on the occasional hacked up hairball for long walks in winter weather.


    • There is that advantage! I’ve seen those piddle pads for dogs, but I don’t think I’d like the business of having a male dog using one! Plus, it can’t be any more fun dealing with a used doggy piddle pad than it is cleaning a litter box. Almost makes walking the dog outside in the sleet and snow sounds like a winner. LOL!0

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    • Makes no sense to me Shoko! The most loving cats I’ve known have always been tabby cats, and the most loving of those was one I got from the local shelter! Andy and Dougy are sweet, all right, but they both prefer not to be held for very long.

      On the other hand, every Siamese I’ve known not only was very sweet, they were really talkative!


    • I grew up thinking of kitties as these benign entities that never did anything naughty. (I didn’t have cats till I was retired, and only occasionally saw them at friends’ homes, where they always were well-behaved and sweet…) I am well-trained…um…know more about kitty cats now!


  2. Even my little sweet girl has those squishy-problems. Sometimes she has swallowed one of my long hairs – and when that comes out at the other end, it interferes with the poopability … and hence she tries to get rid of it – on the floor. Countless times have I had to clean the (thankfully uncarpeted) floors. I always tell myself, she doesn’t do it because she wants to but because she has to.


  3. Hilarious and so true!
    I do understand – and speak! – Cattinese; learned it as a toddler. That’s why all three of them share the litter box, food dish, and water bowl, as well as a wet food treat on Friday mornings. However, I still find “squishy deposits” on the rug in the middle of the night, and silly little Pyshka tries to clean them up by smearing them all over the place. She is a cleanliness fiend, this girl!


    • LOL! I should wear something on my feet, though (unfortunately) finding things barefoot means they get cleaned up before they stain the carpet or harden and require extra effort to clean. (The guest bedroom is a place I rarely visit, so anything deposited there oftentimes is dried and hard to clean up. Ugh!)

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    • LOL! I admire anyone with three or more cats. Two are a handful! I have a similar situation where one day Andy is king of this or that hill, then the next day Dougy is. All the favorite spots seem to be open to challenge.

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  4. Oh my gosh yes!! There is a language for all of us anipals. Thank goodness mom speaks pig so she understands me. Dad on the other hoof will never understand me… or mom for that matter. Snorts and rolls with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon


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