Post 1760: sexy kitty…

“Rub my tummy!”

Dougy knows how to get attention.


20 thoughts on “Post 1760: sexy kitty…

    • That’s a major source of mats. Even then, it is a very soft and furry place to lose your hand. It’s very soft!

    • I can’t believe how fluffy the kitty boys are on their tummies! You have to dig a bit to find kitty in there. LOL!

    • Exactly! I had a dog as a kid that love, love, loved tummy rubs! I’m sure the memory of that is what prompted me to rub my first kitty tummy and learn they sometimes “invite” you to rub their tummies so they can attack your hand! LOL!

    • For sure! You should see how much of that ends up on the carpet even though I brush the kitty boys as often as they let me…

    • To a greater extent than I realized as a person back in early 2009 unfamiliar with living with cats You know, “cats are independent and ignore you”~! LOL! Sure! Unless they want to have your attention, then they are tenaciously devoted to getting it!

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