Post 1759: Video time!

16 thoughts on “Post 1759: Video time!

    • Yes, I did! Andy suffered the wait because it made a good theme for a video showing how sweet his begging is. Dougy gets loud and vocal when he wants fed.

    • That’s why I like to pull these videos out of the archive. You get a better sense of what they are like on video. Many people coming here are new, so I probably post the same videos more often than I should since some videos are bigger favorites of mine than others.

  1. Mom and I could watch videos of Andy and Dougy all day. Tee hee hee. The second video really shows off Andy’s silvery undercoat. Mom says my undercoat is kind of dark gray. I get a little bit of browning on my main below my neck. Winks for Andy and Dougy!

    • You look like you have very similar markings to me. In fact, the first time I came across your blog, I thought I was looking at Dougy! (Andy’s face isn’t a wide as your and Dougy’s, and his eyes are yellow.)

    • Andy blinky-eyes me all the time. Dougy doesn’t give a darn for me apparently because he doesn’t blinky-eye me!

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