Post 1840: catching breakfast…


I fell asleep in the recliner. An excited kitty boy woke me up with the sounds of his quest to catch a fly. Yeah, that fly! It showed up yesterday and has been the source of lots of exercise for Dougy and Andy.

After I took this photo, Dougy followed the fly into the guest bedroom…or so he thought.

The fly at this moment is next to me on the lapboard next to the lamp stand. He/she/it is enjoying a leisurely cat-free stroll on the lapboard even as I type.

I just told Dougy the fly is over here. In fact, it hopped on a roll of paper towels. I showed it to Dougy, but it was stealthily still. I bopped the end of the roll on the floor, making the fly take off. Dougy lunged at it, it escaped.

Now it’s flying around the light. Dougy attempted another take down. The fly escaped, but looks like it is weak for lack of food or from being the object of interest for almost a day.

Will Dougy get his breakfast? I hope so!

22 thoughts on “Post 1840: catching breakfast…

  1. you should find a dealer of big flies.You know….someone who sells insects.I wonder if they can be frozen? Buy a whole whack of larva.Bring one out each day for the boys to chase around.
    You know their going to catch their prize sooner or later! Which is why you buy them buy the thousand! Lots of guaranteed fun! More fun than a barrel of monkeys…….only great big black flies!

  2. There’s something fascinating about a fly cause lily does it also see there a commonality in all our animal friends

    • I think you’ve picked up on a truth there. I can think of several examples, now, where animals I was around showed interest in the little buggers.

    • That’s my main concern. Of course, as much as practical, things are up high or obstructed in some way in a two cat household – or broken a long time ago!

    • The fly is gone, but I didn’t see either kitty get it. Of course, I am gone for the morning three days a week, and sometimes take a little day trip to get a break from routine. Who knows what happens when I am done!? Mwahahahaha!

    • Nope! It’s a long way to Washington from here, and the fly only has two weeks to find a sweetie, have a bedroom moment, find a place to lay eggs, then die.

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