Post 802: Come on, boys! Let’s play!

Both Andy and Dougy seemed ready to play this morning, so I brought out a favorite Neko toy, one that is supposed to suggest a centipede.

Andy  contemplates the centipede...

Andy contemplates the centipede…

Dougy is soon??

Dougy is bored….so soon??

“Et tu, Andy?”

Good thing this isn't a video!

Good thing this isn’t a video! “Z-z-z-z-z-z…”

Andy's ready to take off. No fun here!

Andy’s ready to take off. No fun here!

You never know. I can’t believe the boys both weren’t in the mood to play. Maybe they wanted a different toy. Maybe they were up all night and just wanted to sleep. Maybe they both were upset with me because who knows what? It isn’t always fun and games with kitty cats!


26 thoughts on “Post 802: Come on, boys! Let’s play!

  1. Maybe they were just to hot or just to comfy. Love that beautiful face of Andys in the first photo, and wha a beautiful fluffy tail. Those are two beautiful boys ya have there Doug.


      • Your schedule sounds as messed up as mine! Its a nice time to be awake though because everything is so quiet, depending on where live. I love the quiet and secure in the knowledge that no one is going to come pounding upon my door at that hour.


      • Yes, I am a night owl. I guess my choice of pets is a good match since we have similar wake-eat-sleep patterns. Of course, it helps that I live in a retirement complex and rarely see or hear my neighbors. Presumably, I don’t bother them, either, since I never get complaints about my odd hours.

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