Post 1934: my little angels…

Awwww! So sweet…my little angel!

Awwww…um…sweet!? Dougy!?

Awwww! So sweet…yes, my little angels!

16 thoughts on “Post 1934: my little angels…

    • I do! And you are right about the fast passage of time. They are headed toward their eighth birthdays on July 1st, a fact I barely comprehend.

    • LOL! I never know which kitties will be around pon any given day. Mostly they get along, but favorite perches cause the rare clashes. Well, mostly rare!

  1. Mom says, “Just say the word, Doug, and I’ll take them off your hands!” Tee hee hee. Oh, I wish I had Andy and Dougy as brofurs. Or if we lived closer we could get together for play time. Purr purr purr.

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