Post 1935: spoke too soon…

Dougy decided Andy was out of line. The lounger is his!! Andy barely escaped to the top of the stacked carriers.

“Dang cat!” Andy can’t believe his brother is such a poop. If the lounger was such a big deal, why did he wait so long before letting Andy know? 

There’s always the recliner foot rest. Andy is miffed. Dougy is so rude! He’s no angel.

17 thoughts on “Post 1935: spoke too soon…

  1. Dougy was giving Andy ample time to leave the lounger but finally enough is enough and the cwap hit the fan! Andy knows better now. He better stay on the footrest or the cwap will be flying along with the fur. hehe


    • Yes, the higher one does seem to have the advantage. Andy actually is the sweeter one of the two, though Dougy has a pleasant personality as well.

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