Post 2022: a blizzard day, doing what we can…

At 3:15 in the morning, it was blowing and piling hard! My neighbors have a huge snowdrift blocking their front door and car.

Of course, I see I have a whopper on the passenger side of my car, too. And another whopper passes in front of my little VW Golf Sportwagen and across the lane. Good thing I have no plans outside the house today!

Whew! Still blowing and that drift at 7:30 AM is roof high on the passenger side of my car…. You can see why I back into my parking spot when snow’s predicted. Remove the snow on the lane, and I should be able to drive straight out of my parking spot.

Here’s a better look at Lane 2, which is between my VW and the red pickup. Yep, under a huge drift! Can’t go anywhere today if I wanted to, so I settle down for a marathon of 1930s movies on TCM.

Why didn’t you try reading a good book?” Somehow this doesn’t look like a library scene….

Good thing Dougy’s sleeping. This movie is surprisingly hot for a 1930s movie! (Yes, no one reads a book, good or otherwise in this scene. Whew! This movie must pre-date the Hayes Code.)

39 thoughts on “Post 2022: a blizzard day, doing what we can…

    • I think he would be a good B-movie star, at least. Andy is a more subtle kitty, and he probably would go for at least an Oscar nomination, perhaps the statuette!

    • Thanks! Otrher than having to shovel a little snow to give me easier access to my parking spot, I managed to get by without complications.

          • Gets tedious learning new thiungs I can’t comfortably do anymore! Of course, digging out snow never was a favorite activity for me.

          • Haha, agreed. Best to be avoided if possible, but it isn’t always is it. Hehe!
            Same with these leg ulcers, Tsk! Going to the Health Centre on Thursday, to be laughed at. Haha!

          • The big laugh is the health care professionals will one day suffer similar end term thises and thats, not to mention the standard ravages of age.

            I recall my late mother telling how she as a young woman used to laugh with her classmates about the odd walk of one of their teachers. He suffered extreme rheumatoid arthritis and barely could walk.

            Anyway, in her time, she suffered the same problem, recognized how she’d been a little poop as a girl, and was not somehow getting her just due!

            On the other hand, by the time she hit the odd (and very painful) walk of her old teacher, medical advances had a solution: knee replacement surgery, which she went through for both knees.

          • Interesting memories, mate. And worth the young uns taking note!
            I’m waiting for hip and knees to be looked at properly Doug. The hips. The kidneys too. ( I think that the Furesomide side-effects are the problem here) No idea what to expect, other than I will be too old for any procedures by the time they inspect them. So that’ll save them some cash. Hehe!

          • I’m not applying for aq kidney transplant because of my age, thoiugh the idea creeps me out. I think it would bother me to have someone’s body part inside me, especially is they used a cadaver kidney! Ugh!

          • Do they, a cadaver kidney? Tsk! Still, if I do get it, it will go with the metal and plastic ticker valve. Hehehe!
            When they do the hip and knee-caps, just call me Roboclot! Hahaha!
            Hope things go okay whichever you decide on, mate.

          • Yes, they “harvest” usable kidneys from the dead. They tend to last a shorter time than those donated from living donors, of course.

          • I find it ghoulish, but in this country people can designate themselves as donors on their driver’s licenses. Then, if they die in an accident or after aqn accident, their parts can be harvested if they are usable.

    • Me, too! It was bad enough getting out after the storm was over. The city crews are still working on the huge amounts of snow on the streets, and there are places where they’ve cleared the bare minimum to get traffic flowing again. The lane where I live has a cleared path barely as wide as my VW Golf, which makes it interesting for anyone with a truck or standard American car.

  1. I hate those snow drifts! Luckily? the snow banks are about 9 feet tall on either side of the driveway and no snow can drift into the driveway just to the snowbank. In our other house the snow would blow up the driveway and get stuck on the rear of the car. Our snowbanks are so high here because there is a sidewalk on the other side of the road so all the snow from the roads goes on our side of the street.


    • Ugh! I’m familiar with those types of drifts! Where I used to live, I could count on one the entire length of the driveway. Even with a snow blower, those wet spring snows were a mess to clean up because the snow clogged the blower. The most I have to do now is a short sidewalk if the management of the apartments doesn’t send someone over to do it first and cleaqring a ridge of snow the plows pilers up in front of my parking spot when it clears the lane.

      • Our city plows are supposed to clean the leftover snow off our driveway when they plow the streets. However, some of the guys are better at clearing the ice pile away than others. I don’t shovel anymore…Bill’s job now that he’s home all the time and not working out of town. In the old house it was my job to shovel and use the snowblower if I could find someone to start it for me. That was the telling factor….could I find someone to pull that cord? hehe

        • I lucked out with the snowblower I had – it had an electric starter that did a much better joib starting the machine than the pull cord version. It was like the difference between starting a carburated car in cold weather and one with fuel injection. (At least I had problems starting cars with carburation.)

    • They are curious about snow, but are more than happy to experience it in small doses! Andy likes to eat it and Dougy likes it till he hits a patch of melted snow. As soon as he hits water, his attitude changes!

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