Post 2035: cat’s in the cradle…

When Andy and Dougy were young, I bought a pet stroller. Though they never liked riding inside it, they both thought the top of the stoller was one fine place to sleep! It’s been unavailable of late because I put it in my bedroom. I keep the door closed because it has too many great hiding places for Andy when it’s “Kitty Medicine Time”.

I needed a new pad of checks, which I keep in the bedroom, and Dougy quickly followed me in. He hopped up on the stroller and found a comfortable position, then conked out. Zzzzz! Glad I happened to have my smart phone on hand to catch the “action’!

In past, this stroller served as a play platform as well!

24 thoughts on “Post 2035: cat’s in the cradle…

    • This one is enclosed in a mesh, so you can’t see them that well, though they can see out. I agree, though, when they are in regular strollers!

        • They are nice for pet safety and a more controlled walk. If you’ve ever walked a cat, you know there is a lot of stopping to sniff and lounge about involved!

          • That’s my preference, especially since wild-caught birds and vermin can infect domestic cats with parasites. Of course, there are dangers to domestic cats outdoors – people, cars, weather, other animals.

          • I think any place outside poses dangers for animals. Drivbing to the hospital yesterday, a cat ran in front of my car. It was on a five lane wide road with 40 mph/ 64 kph speed limit. It was dark and the cat was black! Fortunately, it also is well lit, but it would have been curtains for the cat had it been the unlit highway, a bit farther down the road.

          • I shudder just to think of it! Any outside place is dangerous, you’re right, but we live in the “European playground” and an “Extension of Latin and South America,” where people drive according to the rules of the country they come from, and some of those countries have no rules!

          • Kindf of like Nebraska, where we have cfoiuntry folk who drive like they are on a Sandhills trail even when in town and townies who drive like they think city streets are the Autobahn. We have some people from other states because of the railroad, and they bring their bad habits with them, too.

          • Yes, frequently during my time stationed in Germany as a US Army motion picture photographer. German traffic is fast but competent compared with other places I’ve driven, especially where I live in Nebraska. If there were as much traffic volume here as there is in Germany, there’d be 500 car pile-ups daily! LOL! Even on low volume traffic troads, you have to be alert to idiots not driving with their brains engaged.

          • Idiots have no brain to engage, Doug; that’s what makes them idiots! When you mentioned Autobahn, I had a flash of a wonderful memory driving my friend’s Mercedes on it. Sadly, my friend is no longer in this world, so there is no reason for me to visit Germany any more, but she and I had such a great time gallivanting around Europe.

    • LOL! I’d hoped the stroller would give me a wayt to get exercise AND let the kitty boys experience the outdoors in a safe way. They saw it as a kitty prison.

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