Post 2081: the misunderstanding…

Dougy just wanted me to pay attention to him. He put his paws up on my knee and had a bit too much claw out. It hurt! I yelled at him, something I don’t do to the kitty boys because I know they don’t like loud noises. Besides he didn’t know why I yelled at him. I hurt his feelings, something you can see in this photo. Awww! I felt bad. I scritched his ears and rubbed his head. I talked quietly to him and let him know he was a good kitty (mostly). He soon was back to his usual self. (He also got my attention!)

10 thoughts on “Post 2081: the misunderstanding…

    • Indeed! I am cautiously hopeful that Dougy’s recent bahavior – softly patting my knee with claws fully retracted – is the result of getting religion about that claw thing!

    • When tghe kitty boys were kittens, they did that chase game thing where Andy would escape his brother by climbing up me! Those claws hurt! I was greatly relieved once he got the hint that that was unacceptable.

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