Post 2080: spying…

Andy hops on the walker for a quick snoop. What’s Doug (the human) doing? Catching on, he is! The kitty boys like the walker because they can watch me, yet be somewhat out of sight since it usually is slightly behind the recliner!

Oops! Andy sees I see he sees I see him! He slips away.

Dougy is a bit more sneaky! Yep! He’s watching me now!


16 thoughts on “Post 2080: spying…

      • LOL My kitty girls do that sometimes, or, rather, clever little Pyshka talks silly Beba into doing mischief, and Barmalei tries to keep them in line by screaming at them, but they don’t listen. I am afraid he is not much of a disciplinarian, as majestic as he looks.

          • Yes, and they spent all their lives except about a week together. Whern I have to take one or the otrher to the vetrinarian, the one at home is very anxious to get to greet the absent brother when he comes home.

          • I take mine to the vet for their annual check up one at a time (entire day endeavor!), and Beba tries to prevent the others from getting into the carrier, while Barmalei ushers the girls in. Pyshka has only been there once, a year ago, as a baby, so I don’t know yet what she is about to do, in a month or so.

          • Neither of mine want to go in, but are reasonably good once I finally cvlose the door. GTheir predecessor, Louie, freaked out in a carrier. I think it had to do with his experience as a catg that got puicked up by the animal control officer and locked in a cage till I spotted him t the shelter and arranged to pick him up.

          • Mine don’t mind being inside the carrier; it’s getting into it that Beba objects to, for some reason. When they were little, I took them in together, and Barmalei managed to comfort her, I think.

          • I’ve tried that spray that supposedly calms them, but that doesn’t change their behavior in any way I can discern. Oh well, they travel well once they are in the back of my station wagon and don’t have aqn audience

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