Post 2095: “We gotta do it, Andy!”

There’s a hubbub in the north bathroom and it interrupts Dougy’s catnap…again!

I mean, Dougy is really, really, really tired and he has to put up with that!

Yes, it’s kitty medicine time again! Andy puts up a good resistance…

…but I wrestle him closer and closer.

At some point, Andy snuggles against my neck. I pet and talk quietly to him. “We gotta do it, Andy. We gotta do it!”

I slowly maneuver him into the crook of my arm, a position that makes it possible to…

…wrap him…

…in a towel, kitty burrito style, so I can give him his twice-daily medicine. He’s pretty good about this, though he yowls a bit the closer we get to wrapping him in the towel.

52 thoughts on “Post 2095: “We gotta do it, Andy!”

  1. Hi Doug, I wonder if you have ever tried Pill Pockets by Greenies? Of course it wouldn’t help with liquid meds (I don’t think), but they have been great in getting pills into my cat’s mouth. She also gets a pill twice a day. The pockets are rather large, but they have the texture of Play-Dough. So I just pinch off a piece that is an appropriate size, and wrap it around the pill. They come in a salmon flavor, a chicken flavor, and a new tuna & cheese flavor that I bought but haven’t tried yet. Ziva used to take it as a treat, but now she is more likely to ignore it, so then I just pop it in her mouth & make sure she swallows it. All the best to you, and Andy & Dougy!
    — Pam C.

    • The medicine is in liquid form, so the pill pockets are unnecessary. Supposedly, the liquid is chicken flavored, but Andy hasn’t shown any enthusiasm for it! Of course, the kitty treats he gets afterwards for being a good enough kitty are chicken flavored, too.

      • I hope I don’t ever have to use pills because the kitty boys aren’t predictable in what they eat or when. Eventually they eat what they need, but not on schedule. That would be a complication for medicine time!

    • I need someone to be here taking photos for me. You miss out on the actually delivery of Andy’s least favorite drinks…

    • Those who served in war zones deserve out thanks. My service, while voluntary, was more like a three year vacation abroad in a pretty agreeable post and job in Europe.

  2. I understand the ritual you need to go thru…..I have similar one for MoMo’s pills….but I need to hide it in olive loaf…that dog loves olive loaf…..Kitty needs his meds….kinda like us old farts, huh? LOL chuq

    • Exactly like us! I have one that has a fish oil taste I gag to endure, but I have always had the abilityh to take a handful of pills all at the same time, one swallow. The most I ever had to take at one time: 13! Now, it’s three at once, a day, then one later. Andy has two medicines in the morning, and one later, but that doesn’t make him any happier!

    • Actually, your comment appeared twice, plus the comment about your comment not showing. Others (including me!) have experienced this, so I’m leaving all three of your comments to help others know their comments DO show, just not whetre and when you expect them to.

      I found that if I leave the post, then click on it to open again, I’ll see the comment I just wrote unless the blog owner has their blog set up to require review of the comment first by the blog owner. (This is my guess…!)

      That said, yes, Andy is a very good kitty! He hates his medicine and how I wipe his face with a wet paper towel if any medicine leaks out of his mouth, but knows he’ll get a good kitty boy kitty treat afterwards! (I give him the treat no matter how he behaves, but he rarely is bad!)

      • Seemms like they are working on things because things you can do today amazingly stop working the next time you try them. Automatic sharing, for example, seems to be history now. I’m sure happy I pay these people $300 a year for increasingly irritating editing set ups and no automatic sharing, but I don’t know how long I can put uyp with so much “happy”!

          • I need to see what I can do along those lines. I am not quite that savvy aboput such things at this time, however….

          • Well if you need a hand drop me an email. I went through the painful process of migrating of wp dot come so happy to help as I’ve memorised most of the quirks of doing so.

          • I’ll see how much tolerance I can build up. (My smart phone screen has two cracks in it where this usually calm and positive fellow got so frustrated he struck something – the phone! That is the first (and second) time I ever struck somethi8ng in anger, but I trhink the darn thing deserved it. LOL!

          • OK! I’m giving it serious thought. That $300 is outrageous for what I get out of the blog.

          • I hope they get the message at some point. I know I am not the only person who has a simple blog that isn’t a money earner who really find that $300 fee each year onerous. How much wouldf I find reasonable? A third that would be agreeable. I understand there is the cost of staff and servers, among other things (Luxury trips to the Alps during skiing season, perhaps, or the Riviera, or sex tours of Thailand…. Who knows how the money is allocated?) How best to get with you on making this change?

          • If you don’t mind inviting me to have a look in your backend I can have a look what is installed / being used.

            I do consultancy services for website design nowadays. All from what I learnt from the hassle of migrating off WordPress dot com. 😹

          • I like the look of my WordPress format, but I imagine that’s history if I move. Anyway, I’ll move this “conversation to Facebook like you suggested.

    • When I named the kitty boys during their kitten days, I named Andy after St. Andrew, patron saint of Scotland. His personality is very saint-like, in fact, andf I think of him as my good kitty. (My family has deep roots there.) Dougy, named after me (since Douglas couldn’t be more Scottish, and, again, I wanted a name that reflected the family heritage.), is my problem child and resident comedian cat. Unfortunately, his personality matches mine all too well! LOL! (Plus, his name is a family in joke. I was named after my father, but have a different middle name. Dougy was named after me, but has a different middle name. All my life, people would think I was a junior. “I’ve a different middle name. I AM NOT A JUNIOR! So the in joke in the family is Dougy isn’t a junior. I know, I know: It isn’t that funny!)

    • Thanks! I don’t think “kitty burrito” is original to me, though I came up with it on my own since I love, love, love burritos and Andy wrapped in the towel reminded me of a burrito. LOL!

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