Post 2215: things are nearly back to normal…


Things are nearly back to normal here. Dougy has two more treatments for his eye infection, then he doesn’t have to fret about goop and drops in his eyes till the next time! I’m still unable to get a good photo of how his right eye looks now, though the photo above is nearly the one I’ve tried to capture.

Yes, things are nearly back to normal. Dougy just chased Andy off the right arm of the recliner and claimed it for his own. Just like normal!


Here’s Dougy trying to keep the right eye tightly closed so I can’t put the drops and gel in his eye. Silly kitty! All I have to do is spread it open with my thumb and index finger. The process is simple, fast, and, once I have Doug “cocooned” in a towel, he is a perfect patient! That said, he and I will be pleased to finish the treatments today, his and mine – I’m on an antibiotic for my dialysis fistula now, too. 







18 thoughts on “Post 2215: things are nearly back to normal…

  1. Poor kitty. I can sympathize, though. Mom is always putting yellow goop in my ears. I do my best to try and fold my ear to make it difficult on her. We kitties have our dignity.

    • One doctor felt there was a bit of an infection on the site of the new fistula and another thought there wasn’t. It was more like discoloration to the area caused by the operation. By the time the surgeon saw the mostly healed site, there was a light reddish color by the wound.

        • Other than a nasty taste, ten days of the pills was easy enough to do for the sake of my new fistula. I am ready for the catheters to come out and the fistula to be ready for use. It’s much easier keeping clean when you can shower instead of taking sponge baths!

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