Post 2271: “’twas the week before Thanksgiving…”

’twas the week before Thanksgiving and all through the house not a creature was stirring…much, but we were playing kitty games, sort of, when Dougy protested loudly…


“You pretty much blew off sending Christmas cards last year. I know because I see the unsent cards every time you open the stamp drawer! You’d better do them now while Andy and I are thinking about this annual chore.” I was trapped!

And watch they did till I finished all the cards. They weren’t letting me repeat Christmas 2018! 

15 thoughts on “Post 2271: “’twas the week before Thanksgiving…”

    • LOL! It is easier to do each time the US Postal Service ups the cost of mailing the darn things. I’ve tried cutting back, yet it is fun to get cards from people who follow this blog and whose blogs I follow. I had five international cards to send this year. It’s a good way to use up postage now that I communicate mostly by email and social media. I have denominated stamps that go back to when it cost 39¢ to mail a first class letter! (It’s 55¢ now, I hope, because that’s how much postage I put on this year’s cards. LOL! I was off by a penny last year, and some people ended up paying postage due. One person didn’t because the postal carrier said the hassle of collecting the penny wasn’t worth his time. He paid the penny!

    • I know I haven;t finished the job because there always are people whose addresses I’ve misplaced or don’t know. When they send me a card, then I send one back…

    • They are fascinated by everything, I mean everything I do. LOL! The feeling is mutual. I sometimes feel like the Jane Goodall of Persian kitty boys.

      • I love that you motioned Jane Goodall! I remember those programs years ago. You are their pack leader. I’d love to have a cat in my home Doug, but under the circumstances it’s best I don’t. 🤔

        • I enjoyed those programs, too! I spend a lot of time gaining their trust and revelling in those moments when they show me to be worthy of same. LOL! (I bribe them oftentimes with kitty treats. Andy is cynical and eats them up because he knows he can manipulate me; Dougy is more transparent and tries to earn them through honest means.)

          Pets definitely tie you down in many respects. My friend who took three cats to Paris among other trips is exceptional; in that she works it out. I doubt I could take my two anywhere out of town and survive the task!

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