Post 2151: begging for attention…

Silly cat! Dougy hinted he wanted me to rub his head and face, then assumed this position with one eye open to keep track of me till I did it. Creepy!

This was his position at the start of his campaign to get rubs. Then he did a huge stretch that brought his hind legs together. What you can’t see is he held his front legs close together and waved them to try to get me to do my duty. Yes, after I took the photos, I gave him lots of face and head rubs. I threw in ear scritches for good measure. Dougy was pleased! 

(Even though the kitty boys got shorter than usual haircuts the last time, I’m amazed how floofy they still look.)

17 thoughts on “Post 2151: begging for attention…

  1. Yes, the one eye cracked open that follows one about until the cat gets their wishes fulfilled! I’ve seen the one eye maneuver, tracking the human like radar. 🙂

    The kitties always look good, Doug! 🙂

    • They are doing well, Lavinia. I do have an appointment today for Andy to get a blood pressure check. It isn’t his favorite activity, but it’s good to keep on top of his blood pressure.

      My sister sent this thank you to you: Please thank your bloggers for the condolences, and now Molly’s and Sox’s memories will be together in Elbert’s garden. That is such a kind thing they do.

    • How true…though it’s been a very mild winter so far. It’s been in the low single digits here when it should be (typically) lots of subs-zero weather where I live. Of course, if you live in Dougylandia and Andylandia, it’s a perpetual summer thanks to electric heating!

    • That they do.l Cat fur grows in clumpish-looking clusters that don’t reveal themselves till the kitties get a teddy bear cut or similar shortening of their Persian locks! The end result: they are not only floofy, they are extremely soft to the touch. (Of course, they are that way with long Persian locks, too!)

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