Post 2156: kitty burrito…

It was veterinarian appointment day on the 14th. Charlene didn’t have any problem coaxing Andy out of the carrier or weighing him.

He was a little less happy about this part!

Checking his heart…

…then getting ready to make a break for it when he realizes something he really, really, really hates is about to happen!

Yes, the dreaded blood pressure checks! Here the storyboard breaks down: Andy had a major kitty tantrum, lashing out and trying to bite.

I suggested the kitty burrito approach, swaddling him in a towel. That worked as far as the tantrum issues went, but his blood pressure was out of sight – above 200 systolic on all measurements!

Of course, he’s still going to be on medication, though I’m sure a lot of the high blood pressure isn’t related to a medical condition. I did suggest the blood pressure part of the appointments, in future, be done first. It might not show his blood pressure in the normal range, but I suspect it would be at a healthier level than it was today.


His new medication will be both the current ones in a gel I rub inside his ear.



37 thoughts on “Post 2156: kitty burrito…

  1. Sorry to hear all these things… Cats are not easy especially in the Vet. I hope and wish everything go fine dear Doug, Love and Hugs to you all, nia

    • I got the new gel form of his medication yesterday. Two applications since, I guarantee the liquid form is easier to give him and I still need to wrap him in a towel to give him the gel form. The gel form is extremely expensive compared with the liquid form, which I can order a day before I run out. The gel form takes over a week to get! I’ll return to the liquid form after I use up the gel.

        • It always is a matter of strategy. If I can get him wrapped in a towel, he becomes very docile. Unfortunately, he is a very smart kitty and it takes new strategies to keep up with his medications!

    • Thank goodness, eh?! I asked about measuring animal temperatures with those non contact thermometers and was told they tried it but found the results were inconsistent and inaccurate. I still think there must be a better way to get their temperature.

    • Elsewhere, I was as5666666tuyhhhhhhhhhh33333333333333333333333333 (Andy just walked across my laptop. Guess where he stopped to look out for Dougy!) asked if I could take his blood pressure at home. I thought not so, but this makes me wonder if there is a home method that is accurate enough to get data in support of my feeling Andy’s readings reflect his irritation with the protocols of the clinic. It’s worth a check.

    • He has a heart murmur. Other things have been ruled out. Anyway, the new medication is new in form alone. It used to be two separate syringes-full squirted into the mouth. The new is both in the same base that is rubbed in the ear.

  2. Hope the kids are ok! Whiskie (he’s been gone for over 10 years) had HBP. I was so lucky he was piggy. He also had hyper t4 and kidney issues. He had a stroke at 18 and did pretty ok for a few months. I was able to give him meds in food. Never been as lucky since! Thankfully, we can get compounded meds now. My least favorite task is cleaning their feet when they get dirty in the litter pan.

    • Yes, it is. That’s the highest has ever been. I get back to the things he goes through before the blood pressures are take. He isn’t a happy kitty about temperature taking, then the indignity of having his foot clipped to get a better contact sets him up for a high reading on his blood pressure. I keep telling them to do the blood pressure checks first, then worry about his weight and temperature!

    • Me, too. It’s the same medications he was on, but in a new format that may prove to be easier to administer. I rub their ears as a matter of (I hope!) it’s something they like. The new medication is rubbed inside the ear and is compounded with both medications in one instead of the current two separate doses.

  3. Mr. Bowie also had a high blood pressure during his medical check ups. I think a lot of cats will show a high blood pressure during all those dreadful tests… A (human) doctor once told me all his patients had a high blood pressure during his examinations…

    • That’s my sense of Andy’s issues. As I keep telling them, do the blood pressure measurements first, then stick the thermometer up his butt! He really hates that!

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