10Apr20: sign of the times…

Dougy (upper left), Andy, and I have our new routines these days. Theirs is less stressful now that they both have loungers in prime territory. Mine is more so. I hope you all are staying safe and are following the precautions recommended by doctors, not Facebook know-it-alls and politicians. 

31 thoughts on “10Apr20: sign of the times…

  1. Wowy, I sure like your polk-a-dot face mask, Mr. Doug. I sure hope you stay protected and safe. Mom is being extra careful, too, and following the recommendations by doctors. I wish all humans would. Purr purr purr.

  2. We are using our sanding and fine dust masks. We bought a box of them years ago; Rick uses one when burning brush. We know they are not replaceable now, so we take one, and use it for a s long as possible and only when out at the store. We might get through this.

  3. always wear oven mitts and you’ll be fine Doug! Of course you’ll fumble many things but hey you’ll be able to take hot food out of the oven lickity split!
    I think you should get miniature masks for the boys or get someone to photoshop them on!

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