Cinco de Mayo 2020: Don’t do it!

Andy tends to be tolerant of others when he’s on the recliner arm, so why…


…is Dougy alarmed?


Geez! Doesn’t Doug (the human) know Andy love, love, loves to extend his “Murderous Death-Dealing Pointy Claws from Hell and Beyond” on innocent humans who attempt to please this kitty boy with personal attention involving, um, the foot?


No humans were harmed in making this post, though Doug (the human) did pay especial attention to the status of Andy’s claws. 

12 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo 2020: Don’t do it!

  1. doodz….we haz been offline sew long we canna even rememburr when we last vizited…hope ewe both N dad two iz happee N healthee…we R bak ta sneekin round de internetz again, for de moe mint anyway !!! happee cinco 🙂 ♥♥

    • The “Wagging Tail of Doom Predicted” was swinging like a pendulum out of control, another pretty good warning sign for the wary and experienced…

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