06May20: Dougy takes a chance…

Dougy stops by the end table and enjoys a little heat off the light. Then…

…Andy shows up. He is incredulous! What does Dougy think he’s doing on the end table?

After a little posturing, though, Andy decides to head out to the guest bedroom. Dougy leaves the end table a short time later. No squabbles today! 


8 thoughts on “06May20: Dougy takes a chance…

  1. ❤️️ the 🐱 Cat & Kitty they have been supportive this week while jonesing after disbanding FB & Twitter however when Washe jumps up on the desk and starts pawing the keyboards while I’m working it propels me to stiffen up my coffee with brandy ❗️ Your cat’s always seem fun too 🙂

    • You can be sure of that! Andy shows more interest in my laptop than does Dougy, and regularly walks across the keyboard to get from the end table to the recliner arfm or the other way around.

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