30Jun20: no bugs today…

It is peaceful moment and I decide I’ll “scritch” Andy while he’s nearby.

Uh oh! Andy bolts. I surmise it’s because there’s a French movie on the television and he wants to block the captioning! But…

…Andy spots Dougy and it looks like he spots a bug! Dougy does a bit of posturing on the end table – no bug!

Dougy moves back to the kitty lounger. Andy quickly ends up on the end table. The next few minutes are fraught with anxious scanning of the room. There must be a bug here! There has been every day forever! (Amazingly enough, today is bugless and the kitty boys return to other important kitty business, their morning naps.)










8 thoughts on “30Jun20: no bugs today…

    • Hope springs eternal, I guarantee! When they come into the front room these days, the settle in then scan the ceiling for bugs,

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