01Jul20: the Canadians celebrate today, too!


Today is Dougy’s and Andy’s 9th birthday. Their gift this year is I’m leaving them alone. No photos to be taken. They get to let their hair down and do nada. Here’s a repeat photo from yesterday when the kitty boys were doing what they do so well, hunting bugs!

Yes, today is a big one up north, too. Happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends! Andy and Dougy feel honored to share their big day with Canada!

31 thoughts on “01Jul20: the Canadians celebrate today, too!

  1. Happy Belated Birthday kitty boys! We hope you had a pawesome day of fun and good eats. 💙💙🐾👑👑🎈🎉🎁🎼

  2. Happy Birthday, kittyboys! Enjoy your day off!

    My daughter in Montreal was complaining Canada Day will be a wash, since most public events have been cancelled due to the pandemic. Unlike here in California however, most of their restaurants and cafes are open, so at least they can eat out! The city has also set up some beautiful light shows to watch at night; I saw them two years ago, and you almost could go without fireworks over the river, they’re so entertaining.

    • I suspect the 4th will be hit and miss here as well. I haven’t heard too many fireworks so far – fine with me!

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