26-27Jul20: nightmare set-ups for laptop and printer, and Andy’s coming and going…

But first, here’s Andy coming and going. I have that same sense after hours of trying to establish WiFi connections and working my way through the maze of Google passwords for, it seems, each step of the way. I worked up a literal dripping sweat and haven’t conquered much yet. I can do blogs. That’s a minor miracle. 


It’s nice not having to use one hand to hold the screen up and one finger to type everything. The old laptop was toast long before it quit working.


I saw a John  Garfield film this morning where he was boat captain. He wore this hat, a hat like one I wanted when I was a 50s kid. Mine was a light blue and I wore it with geeky pride, as I recall. Terrible!  

10 thoughts on “26-27Jul20: nightmare set-ups for laptop and printer, and Andy’s coming and going…

  1. I am glad you are OK! Setting up a new system and getting back into everything is always a hassle.

    We hit the upper 90s here by early evening, and then lost power until 2:00 AM due to an accident down the road.

    • I am so tired of it! It took a whole mess of time locating gmail, then WordPress. It used to be a couple of clicks. Till I get things working, it involved Google and lots of password hassles. I’m glad I had enough material for tomorrow and the next day, so those posts are done and will post on schedule whether I’m around or not.

  2. what’s that saying about tech….it’s great, when it works !!! for what it’s worth; half the applications here at work aren’t functioning properly; guess that means I can go home !!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Oh, yeah! Unfortunately, I am the IT guy at home since I retired. I learned a lot watching and questioning the IT people who fixed my work problems but a little knowledge is like the guy who replaces a 2 wheel drive pick up with a 4 wheel drive pick up: He can go deeper into the woods, but he can get get into deeper trouble.

    • Some one of technical knowledge set it up so I wouldn’t have troubles. I think it’s a matter, now, of finding where he stuck links so I don’t blunder through the hard way to what I want to access.

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