28Jul20: What’s up?

Andy’s on top of the dining room cat tree, always a favorite of his, his late brother Dougy’s, and the late, great Louie the ginger cat’s. What’s up?


This dove representing the Holy Spirit that used to be over a small Christmas tree hangs from a beam over the kitty tree! The Christmas tree had to be taken down when I got my first kitty girl, Freckles, who preceded Louie. Initially, I just forgot to take it down when I took the cat-attractive Christmas tree down, but it is nice to have there for amusement of cats and for a reminder of a holiday on hold as long as I have a cat. 

12 thoughts on “28Jul20: What’s up?

      • Dear Doug, we are unable to read the thought and discern the feelings of other human beings most of the time. How could we ever do so with animals, even beloved pets? All I know is when Pyshka is contemplating another mischief; her ears and tail are twitching in a certain way.

    • I have exactly one houseplant over the kitchen sink. I had a catnip plant growing there, too, till it bit the dust. For no reason I can discern, neither kitty ever explored that area, and Andy continues to ignore it. Actually, the kitchen sink plant used to be on the sill of the dining area window. As long as nothing exciting (fly) showed up on that side of the sill, it was ignored. Then, one day, Andy knocked it off the sill. That was when it went to the kitchen window.

    • You, know, that is so true. I hadn’t thought about it that way, and you reminded me of why I originally left it up. Thank you! I truly needed an upbeat thought this week after all the chaos of the past two weeks!

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