14Aug20: Andy’s quirky way…

Andy hasn’t quite adjusted to the ottoman being free to claim.  He lets me know he claims the ottoman-towel-lapboard combination by scratching the cat lounger he already claims as Andylandia. LOL!

“There! Mine!” – though Andy isn’t totally convinced of it.

25 thoughts on “14Aug20: Andy’s quirky way…

    • You know it! He pretty much claims everything but the ottoman now, and he will spend time there as long as the lapboard’s on it.,

    • Thanks! I try to entertain in a low key way, and, thanks to the late Dougy and now solo Andy the Persian kitty, it is easy to do.

      • It is hard to say how a solo remaining cat will take to a new companion, or how the new companion would take to the old kitty. When we moved here, it was just Beaucastel and Austin. Old Beau died from autoimmune hemolytic anemia at 18 years of age. He used to pick on Austin a bit, although they did play together, galloping round the house. We first thought Austin wold be happy being the sole kitty, but discovered he was devastated. Abby came available for adoption, as her owner was elderly and ill, and looking to farm out all her cats. We took her in, thinking another Abyssinian needing refuge would keep Austin company. She tried to kill him at first, only becoming friends with Austin (who was 15 when Abby arrived) after Lucio came on board. Cats tend to keep their own counsel and don’t necessarily tell us what they would like. 🙂

        I respect your decision not to get another cat. By the time our youngest cats expire, I will be old enough to have to consider carefully whether we take on more. Right now, the oldest is 18 and will be 19 next April. I am watching age creep up on the 5 oldest cats who range from 13 to 18, and as their needs change with age, I feel like the proverbial little Dutch boy with my fingers in the dike, trying to plug the leaks. The 3 Sisters are still relative youngsters at 7 years old. The total crew of 8 requires a lot of work and attention, and I hope Rick and I stay healthy until all are finally safely home over the Rainbow Bridge. We love them all, and miss them when we go. Their lives have been woven into the tapestry of our own, and will forever be a part of us.

        Bless you and Andy, and I hope you continue to be there for each other. I miss Dougy cat too, and I am still not used to the “past” references to him in your posts. It takes a good while.

        • Before, the concern was making sure two littermates got placed together if I died or became incapacitated. The case for taking both cats was easier than if they were two un=related cats, I think. Andy is a fairly easy cat to live with, if the one of the two with the most health issues.

  1. Doug : Your strong 😽 I miss my Galina kitty from 1982 after a divorce 😿 You are lucky to have computer .jpg files of Dougy (RIP) after moving so much I don’t even have a Kodak ‘negative’ of my calico kitty any more 😢 ~Willy

    • Yes, and I have YouTube videos of Andy and Dougy from kittenhood up till they were four or five. From there, I have lots of photos and short videos of them on this blog

        • I like people checking them out. While still photography shows something of the kitty boys’ personalities, videos show how they move and interact with each other. After Dougy died, I wondered how I would continue this blog since kitty interactions was a big part of the interest.. There have actually been several new followers since then, so I apparently am doing what is expected with just Andy. Andy, on the other hand, is blossoming a bit since Dougy was the dominant if more playful kitty.

        • Nothing new for years, thanks to Microsoft updates that wiped out access to a simple editing program I liked and used all the time. Anyway, there are some really good videos of the kitty boys in happier times that I periodically go back to for auld lang syne, eh?

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