02Nov22: No, I didn’t forget to post today!

Andy respects the walking stick, even though all I have to do to stop him in his tracks is touch him with it. It must be magic! LOL!

This sad face is Andy before I put eye drops in his eyes and smear the hyperthyroidism goop in his ear. Quelle tragédie!

This sad face is after Andy’s been medicated. This is the time I reassure him he’s been a very good kitty and the ordeal’s over for 12 more hours. He truly has been an exceptional kitty while I give him his twice-daily doses. He tries to avoid me but doesn’t have to be wrapped in a towel to restrain him.


People who follow the travails and glories of Andrew deserve to see he is doing well just now, even though he hate, hate, hates medicine time. I can’t imagine how good he can be. Yes, he turns his head when the eye drops are about to drop into his eyes, but it is easy to position his little pumpkin head so the drops hit their marks. Likewise, the hyperthyroidism goop is easily applied inside his ear. Andy truly is a good little kitty!


31 thoughts on “02Nov22: No, I didn’t forget to post today!

    • You, know, short of no kiss, I’ve started doing this, too, then, after medicating the little darling, I cuddle him again and tell him, softly, what a wonderful kitty he is. He actually is pretty wonderful, once I catch him. LOL!

  1. Yes, Andy really good one, actually medicine even for us sometimes being problem too, I can imagine Andy how feels… Sometimes I use eye drop and I don’t like it… Lovely Andy, Love to you Both, Thank you, nia

    • I hope so, even though there’s been a happy improvement within days of the start of these particular drugs. It wasn’t expected!

    • Good luck! Andy and the late Dougy hate, hate, hated those. They acted like I put sulfuric acid on them. Once, I accidentally got a little on my arm, and the sensation was exactly like getting…water on my arm! LOL!

        • LOL! Haven’t we all been brought into that game unwillingly! Dougy once hid from me when it was getting to be time to go to a grooming appointment. After looking everywhere for an hour or so, I finally found him hiding…in the bottom carrier of the two stacked by the recliner! What a rascal! I shut the door and barely got him to the groomer in time for his session. Fortunately, Andy got there in time, so he was taken care of while Dougy was giving me fits at home.

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