23Nov22: the string or…

I presented the string…

…to Andy…

…and he swatted lightly…

…at it, but…

…what he really wanted was to play with that sad piece of peacock feather quill!


I gassed up ($3.40 a gallon), then shopped for groceries. It cost $165, the first time in months, it seems, my total was under $240-$250! Amazingly, too, I actually bought food for a change, the probable reason the total was so low. Light bulbs, paper towels, Press & Seal, and coffee beans in a typical shopping cart add up really fast, as does candy and other “goodies” I didn’t buy today. Well, I did get a couple kinds of cookies…!Β 

14 thoughts on “23Nov22: the string or…

  1. How are you two doing without Dougy? Hope you’re ok. I haven’t been online in a while. I often think about how much money I’d save if I didn’t eat junk food. There’s a rare occasion our shopping cart has all food items and I’m proud. But that doesn’t happen often. ha.

    • Me, too! I had a cart full of just food the last time and my total was almost $80 less than my typical trip to the grocery store!

      Andy has blossomed, is more out-going since Dougy died. I miss the little rascal as he was a comedian cat.

  2. Andy still loves that fragmented feather! Your gas prices are about $1 per gallon lower than ours out here in Oregon. Food prices have taken a real surge upwards, along with everything else.

    • I was surprised how low the price was compared with the last few times i filled my car. Fortunately, I rarely need fill it more than once a month, it is so fuel-efficient.

  3. Hard to understand , Doug.. here in Europe all of the prices go up (due to the Ukraine war , cut tap of oil by producers in Eastern area , inflation..). But I am glad for you,
    What about Thanksgiving tomorrow ? I wish you a great one .
    In friendship

    • The source of the oil distilled into gasoline and other products makes a big difference. Also, the number of sources in an area makes a difference. Coastl US, especially the far west, pay outrageous amounts for gasoline, but the sources where I live serve a smaller population. Also, goverments of each state set a tax on top of one the Federal Government’s tax. That tax is highly variable.

  4. Your fuel price at the pump is way less than here, Doug… Upper end of 4 dollars, to five dollars plus happens overnight. Yeah… We have a bunch of clowns in office.

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