Post 502: bonding

The ongoing challenge of giving Andy his blood pressure medication has taken on a new twist. Instead of offering up resistance to capture, Andy’s decided to fight me when I try to wrap the towel around him.

Not that Andy is any less suspicious when I come around looking for him…!

Andy march 21 2014

So, I have a new plan, too: Catch him, hold him unwrapped, then stroke his tummy, head, and ears. I tell him over and over in a low, calm voice how he’s a good boy. When he starts to relax, maybe close his eyes, then I wrestle him into the towel. Whew!

Yes, the new plan is simple, too. I try to get the medicine down him as fast as possible so I can spend the rest of the time holding him and reassuring him all is well.

Soon enough, Andy decides he’s ready to move on. It’s encouraging, though, that it takes longer and longer before he wants let down.

I think we both secretly look forward to this special time in our day. One of these days, he might even purr when it’s medicine time.

4 thoughts on “Post 502: bonding

  1. Good morning and I hope this task goes well.
    It is 5 am and I have been able to get Alis lysine hidden in wet canned cat food down her. She ate it all.
    Also got her two steroid pills down her and her liquid pain meds.
    Through all of this she has only lost ounces and is eating and drinking from her fountain.
    I go into the city today to a compounding drug store to get pain medication for her. I had never heard of a compounding drug store that filled scripts for vets until yesterday when my vet made the arrangements for me to go pick it up.
    This mornings behaviors with the eating and drinking are encouragement.
    Love the photo of Dougy or Angys eye up there.

    • It went really well this morning. He was asleep on a towel by the shower. I walked in, picked him up, and we had the longest hold time yet. I stroked his tummy (which used to be an automatic clawing…!), rubbed his nose and ears, stroked his head, and talked softly about how he was a sweet little cat, a good boy. He actually started to fall asleep! When I decided to wrap him in the towel, he got a bit wound up, but calmed down again long enough to get medicated. I held him a bit longer, repeating the “good boy” business and the petting. I think we both rather enjoyed everything but the medicine part!

      I’d never heard of a compounding drug store for veterinarians, either. Of course, I live in an isolated community of about 8600 people. All this is done at the veterinarian’s by a technician on staff. The main thing is Ali’s getting better, and you have some ways to help her feel comfortable. Eating and drinking normally can only help her healing! Now that you have that fountain, don’t you wonder how you got along without one up till now? They are a great idea, and pets seem to appreciate the filtered aerated water!

      That’s Andy’s eye. Dougy’s eyes are more orange, though that might not be obvious unless you see photos of the two standing side by side.

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