10 thoughts on “Post 513: I see you!

    • I have these designs on zazzle.com, where they are available for purchase. I don’t generally promote them since the intent was more to have my pets on items for my own use than to set up a commercial operation. Andy, Dougy, and the Late Louie the ginger cat are on several items. You can take a look for yourself, if you want, and call them up by putting weggieboy in the search box, I think it is. (I don’t recall exactly how you get to the items, but I’m pretty sure you see thousands of designs by others, including, eventually, mine, if you get too generic.)

      • I’ve just viewed the page – you’re a great designer!! I like the “Dougy the Persian cat Coffee Mug”! And I also like the T-Shirts. Maybe I can buy the “me! me! me!” Shirt for my husband… ;))

        • Thanks! You can create your own designs, too, with a little practice. It’s actually quite fun, and you can take the “me, me, me” theme more personal with a digital photo of your own that expresses that! The Dougy mug is a screen print image from a video (if you mean the one with him in a box), and is a favorite of mine, too. That is so “Dougy”, with that expression he gets when he’s secure in a tub or box. The one with him in his favorite salmon-colored tub cracks me up, too!

    • Yes, that is “The Box by the Computer”, which the boys watch carefully because I think they realize I want to get rid of it, sooner if not later. Too many boxes claimed by the cats in this house! It is one of my favorite Andy photos, though most of the ones I like best are him on his back sleeping.

    • He was hiding so he could catch the “dragonfly” wand toy we were playing with at the time. This was the first time either has climbed into the shopping totes that I am aware of. That it happens to be the one with Andy printed on it was a happy accident. This is one way to get both in the same photo! Ha! Of course, all this happened before the sun came up, so I had my typical lousy lighting for the photos.

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