Post 907: the bent twig…

It is difficult to remember that sometimes today’s naughty kitty is the result of errors made raising said kitty when he was a wee kitten.

For example, this screen shot from an early video of Andy and Dougy shows where I failed to properly bend one of my little “twigs” when he was a very naughty “sapling”!

Yes, that's Dougy in the cirtcle! Bad kitty! Very bad kitty indeed!

Yes, that’s Dougy in the circle! Bad kitty! Very bad kitty indeed!

So, since I failed to correct the behavior at the time, should I feel upset with Dougy now when he openly defies me now, and scratches that same piece of furniture?

Dpigu beingh a very naughty kitty... and enjoying it!

Dougy being a very naughty kitty…
and enjoying it!

The question was rhetorical. I’m reaping what I sowed! (Or failed to sow.) In Dougy’s defense, he doesn’t do this naughty thing too often.

22 thoughts on “Post 907: the bent twig…

  1. I don’t know Doug….what happens at night when you are fast asleep? If, he has his mind set on scratching your sofa(also called chesterfield in Canada), he will do this when no one is watching. I did have a cat that would just start scratching the chesterfield so I would come after her. It was a game. That was the only cat that scratched furniture. All the rest find other outlets……like the rug. These gals have 2 condos to scratch. I know the gal that’s doing it and she only does it at night.

  2. We made a scratching post for our a kitty a long time ago and every time she would scratch the couch we would say no and drag her to the post. It worked for her, even though she was about 3 years old at the time.

  3. Ali has never clawed, nor sharpened her claws our furniture til we recently got new living room sofa and love seat. I have had a heck of a battle with her about it and finally got out the spritz bottle ad after three times, she has decided ti is not worth it.
    She has many scratching posts of different heights, sizes and shapes. No need for her to be a butt about attacking my furniture and so far I am winning.
    Doug looks in our heaven attacking your sofa and it is kind of hard to try to teach him no when he has done this all of his life.
    Fuzzy, our kitty before Ali, was a big, gray tuxedo kitty, and there was not a door frame safe in our apt that she has not changed the shape of from her using them as a scratching post.
    We had to pay for them all to be replaced when we moved.

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