Post 923: Andy spots some birds…!

You know well Andy’s enthusiasm for bird watching out windows. Sometimes he hits a bonanza, especially outside the back window.

Andy hopped onto the

Andy hopped onto the “observation post” (computer desk shelf ).
What’s up outside today?!

“Say what!?”
Andy can’t believe his ears!
He hears a whole flock of birdies flying from the fir tree.

Faster than you can blink, Andy's at the window!

Faster than you can blink, Andy’s at the window!
“Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!”

More birds flying from the fir tree! Andy can't believe how exciting the window is today!

More birds flying from the fir tree!
Andy can’t believe how exciting the window is today!

Deep attention....Andy ponders how he might get outside to get those birdies!

Deep attention….Andy ponders how he might get at those birdies!

“Rats!” Andy comes up against the glass again.
“What is this barrier? Why can’t I go through the window?”

If you can't tell, someone's tail is twitching at top speed here!

If you can’t tell, someone’s tail is twitching at top speed here!

Yes, it was a great day for kitties at the window! Andy was well pleased.

32 thoughts on “Post 923: Andy spots some birds…!

    • The boys are very “articulate” in their own way. Their body language tells me the story. (I really enjoy your blog, incidentally! I don’t have the medical issues you have, but i have enough of them at a similar age that I can always relate to your day!).

      • I like looking at your blog, now I’m getting over losing Pippa. A year now, but I still hear and smell her, even now I’ve move dwelling. No allowed pets in these flats, if I’d still had her I wouldn’t have moved here. She just disappeared Weggieboy, nipped out for her unusual hour twixt 7 to 8 pm and that was it. I cried so much. If I remember, I’ll put a piccy of her on me diary, as a kind of way of keeping her memory alive I think. Boy could she purr. So much of your blog reminds me, but I’l okay with it now… I think. Thanks mate, take care. TTFN

        • I understand how painful that can be. When Louie the ginger cat died, it was so sudden and unexpected, I was not even aware he was feeling ill. I still miss the cat. He was a great kitty. It’s his picture you sometimes see in the background of photos (usually) of Andy when he’s on my computer. It’s the one with the ginger cat wearing a super hero cape…! We don’t even get over them, do we. I dread the day either Andy or Dougy passes because, well, I’ve had them since they were kittens. The surviving two, kitty and me (presumably I will outlast them) will have a difficult adjustment, I fear, and I’m of an age where I doubt I’ll get another pet after Andy and Dougy.

          • I’m with you on the sorrow stakes Sir. when I lost Pippa and Cyril, I knew I was going to try and get moved into a semi-aided residence so resisted taking in a stray that used to call. That kitty visited all the homes in the street.. well a lot of them. Everyone gave him a different name and he’s come in to sleep at a different house every night.
            One of my new neighbours told me they (The Nottingham Council) will allow us to keep fish or small birds… not the same is it?
            Take care Sir.

          • I am fortunate in that where I live they allow up to three small animals. I paid a very small $100 non-refundable pet deposit to be applied to clean up and repair of pet damage when I no longer live here. A friend told me she pays a $50 per month pet deposit! Most rental places don’t allow children or pets here or place very restrictive limits on kind, size, and type. Two cats are quite a lot for the apartment size I have, though they are brothers from the same litter and best buddies except when they are having hissy fits with each other…! I used to have a friendly neighbor cat visit me where I used to live. He loved our patio for bird watching and cat things, and he was a very sweet-natured tom that must have been at least a solid 10-11 kilos big or more. He had a sister that he didn’t get along with, but she’d come over when he wasn’t around, and we became buddies, too. She was about as old and beat up in cat years as I was in human years when we were buddies, so we understood each other’s moods and aches and pains! (She had a metal [plate in one of her legs from an accident as a young cat. She belonged to an veterinarian and his wife, so she got an experimental treatment to repair a severely smashed leg that probably would have been amputated otherwise. It was successful, but cold weather clearly bothered her for the gimpy leg.

          • That’s a nice story Sir. $50 a month she pays? Blimey!
            There have been occasions, like last night for instance, when I dropped off to sleep in the chair and woke up feeling for Cyril, he used to sleep on me chest with his nose on me chin! Being hearing impaired I couldn’t hear his purring, but I could feel it. Funny, after all this time I should expect him to be there? I’m going bonkers?
            I’d like to have met your big visitor.
            Cheers Sir. TTFN

          • I have impaired hearing as well. Dougy likes to hop up on my bed and rub-rub-rub againsty me, going back and forth, feather-dusting me with his tail. One day, I leaned closer to him, and realized he purrs all the time he’s doing this! Now I know to lean a little closer so I can appreciate his “joyful song”! I totally understand what you are saying about Cyril and havng a sense he should be there. I wonder, in fact, if they aren’t there in some sense. Kitty ghosts? Why not?! If not literal ghosts, they linger. Louie liked to look out the back window since there is a fir tree with lots of birds in it. Though he was a short-haired cat, he left lots of orange hair on the blinds, and that was there after he died to remind me of him. Until Andy and Dougy wore it off, there continued to be some of Louie’s hair on the blinds for months after he died. (Of course, I couldn’t bring myself to clean it off!)

          • Glad you didn’t clean it off Sir!
            The memories are too precious to do that.
            I could feel Cyril’s purring. Wish I could now, but nowt will take away the happy memories, that’s how it should me eh?
            Taketh care, give em a cuddle for me please.

          • I try to give them cuddles each day so they know how much they are appreciated for being good (mostly!) little guys! Andy just stopped by my computer to get a head skritch. Is there a humane shelter in your neighborhood? Perhaps you could do volunteer work there with orphaned animals.Especially if they are no kill shelters, they often need people to help play with the “inmates” to help them keep socialized and not bored. The reward for you would be a chance to be around the healing benefits of purring cats! Just a thought.

          • Cuddle away Weggieboy – so good for you and the pussy-cats.
            They sound and look like great characters in their own rights to me mate.
            Good idea about volunteering. I tried a year or so ago, but couldn’t get by the ‘volunteer checks’ cause of me health problems. I could understand it, insurance and all that.
            There is a ‘Cat Cafe’ opened in Nottingham. Dozens of friendly rescued cats in the place and on your plate when you go there. Hehehe! My Sister and brother in law have visited it and really enjoyed it. Very expensive, and you have to book months in advance. After Jane told me how she enjoyed it, I booked myself in. Of course I lost me deposit cause I had to go in hospital rather quickly the day before. Just my luck. Hehe!
            Your mentioning Andy coming to the computer for fuss took me back and reminded me of Pippa and Cyril. Nice memories though thanks.
            TTFN Sir.

          • A friend (pastor at a local church) used to bring up lessons he learned from the two family cats. It was interesting how often he was able to incorporate cat lore into his sermons! LOL!

  1. Such enthusiasm
    I wish I could get that jazzed about what lies beyond the window
    I’m still trying to get enthusiastic about the mere fact that my bones are not aching this morning
    As always Sheldon

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