Post 1005: in which I advocate for the death penalty for people who create computer viruses and other on-line mischief…

Not really! But I do wish some people had dropped their precious bundles on their heads when they were infants or spent more time socializing their basement-dwelling trolls before they let them have access to computers.

Yes, I had to deal with a computer virus yesterday, and it was not a harmless crime. I got through it, however, so all it well for the time being. I mean, how many times do you get to talk with someone sitting in India while he tries to straighten out your mess? (And get to pay for the conversation?)


 I found an unused Neeko replacement bumblebee toy on the table. I unpacked it since the one in use is pretty well destroyed in multiple catastrophes. Andy was watching. And waiting to pounce. The little rascal caught me off guard. We had an exciting spontaneous play session.

Dougy watched from behind my shoes (which I’d taken off by the door), but mostly stayed out of the game. This is the reverse of the usual play styles of the two boys. Andy usually is the last kitty to join in the fun and Dougy generally is always “up” for play. 

I was very pleased Andy initiated play today. Perhaps he is coming out of his shell! 


I’m making a crockpot meal today. It is the first one since I got back from the hospital and therapy “vacation” I recently had. I hope I didn’t make too much because there is a limit to how many times and ways I can eat something before I start thinking about wasting the last of it. 

39 thoughts on “Post 1005: in which I advocate for the death penalty for people who create computer viruses and other on-line mischief…

    • I’m pleased Ali is doing well! She had such a rough time this past year or so….!

      I’m feeling well, and the new normal is working out well enough for me. I rather enjoyed retirement and the lack of schedules to keep, so having a very rigid regular schedule is a bit tough. Fitting everything in between the dialysis is the big challenge. One has to think about what day of the week things are happening or getg messed up!

  1. Computer viruses….the one passing the virus could have been a rocket scientist if he put his brain to GOOD use instead of harassing the rest of us.

    So glad Andy got into the spirit and knocked the Neeko vermin about. Kali gets in there occasionally and does the same. I make a point of playing with her because she plays so seldom.

    I don’t know how many times I’ve made lots of one thing and froze the individual meals and then grown tired of them or just not wanted them anymore because of the dried up portions or beard of ice on it.


    • That’s what I find so irritating about those people who create those viruses: They clearly are very smart to do this, yet they are social retards, anti-social axxxxxxx who need to learn to work withing society instead on in the black basements of their Mothers…!

      I’m pleased any time Dougy and Andy want to play. They are of an age where they seem less likely to play. Andy has always been a bit unplayful (except with his brother), so any time I get him wound up with a toy is a good one for us both!

      That’s exactly what happens when I freeze meals, My last crockpot meal worked out to be exactly enough for three decent sized meals, not a typical result. No waste but not so much I made a pig of myself. The last meal I made steamed vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots) that I dressed with a sweet vinegar and olive oil dressing that turned out to be very tasty. Also, I steamed the veggies just right: not over-cooked like Americans tend to have them.

    • I made a “baby” carrot, onion, and potato meal combined with a sirloin steak. I generally use a roast in this crockpot meal, but the steak looked like a better deal since it was smaller than any of the roasts I saw.

  2. It’s too bad those darn people who spread viruses around the internet don’t use their intelligence to do good things. We’d have a cure for the common cold in no time.

  3. I do the same thing with making too much in the crock pot, and I agree about frozen potatoes. My Dad just got his virus/malware infected computer back from the repair shop, he used a lot of punctuation, too. He phoned me to tell me he was not using the internet anymore!!

    • I feel like your Dad some days. The Internet is so handy and ubiquitous that it is hard to imagine not using it, yet the nuisance of computer viruses makes that a pain sometimes.

      Vegetables in general seem to lose something in the process unless you have a commercial-grade super freezer that can flash freeze them. Of course, no one has that sort of freezer in their home!

  4. I don’t understand why people bother to make viruses. If someone knows enough about computers to do something like that, they could get an actual job and make money instead of just making peoples’ lives difficult.

    • I wish I did it by myself because it did cost me some money to get the job done. For all I know, the people who fixed it were the ones who created it.

      The crockpot is ideal for me since I can prepare a delicious meal in the morning and have it ready six hours later when I am in the mood for something substantial. If I had to fix it in the evening (or at noon), I’d probably decide I wasn’t that hungry and would fix something less healthy.

  5. Hit the “send” by accident! Yes, the Internet is full of parasites of various types.

    Good to hear Andy is coming out of his shell! Did they determine if he needs his medication still?

    • I know how that goes! This laptop is very “goosey” in some regards, and it is easy to end up elsewhere just by dwelling to long on a hot spot. “Too long” might be a fraction of a second. Drives me nuts when it happens!

    • Yes, I can. Too often, though, I forget about thew frozen meals till they have to be tossed out for freezer burn or being too old to eat safely. Meals with potatoes don’t freeze well. Potatoes get a mealy texture, for example.

      • I never freeze the potatoes, I just freeze meat and sauce (vegetables seperately) and use the potatoes for some other snack (famous German Bratkartoffeln) In a soup I don’t mind frozen potatoes. They are only very small in there.

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