Post 1236: something like detente

That recliner’s been a point of contention between Andy and Dougy for at least the past two weeks. It surprised me, then, to witness this tender moment between the brothers. (“Tender” = no fur flying at least!)



Hmm. What’s Andy (in front) up to? Kicking tail?


Dougy (on seat) would like to know! He sees Andy watching him, and he knows that look! Dougy plans his escape….


Amazing! Andy’s letting his sweet brother sleep in peace!


20 thoughts on “Post 1236: something like detente

    • Ha! So far, I’ve managed to stop serious fights by either clapping my hands loudly once or sticking my hand on one or the other kitties, breaking the mood.

  1. One can read their minds from their expressions. Dougy sees Andy staring at him and he prepares for *thee jump* from Andy. Andy figures it’ll take too much effort to jump on Dougy so Dougy goes back into the neutral pose. hehe

  2. Even in the longer distance shot I could see Dougy’s eyes widen in concern. I hope Andy got complemented for being a good boy.

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