Post 1251: A Christmas greeting from a couple of cats…

No, not Andy and Dougy (though they do wish you a blessed Christmas), but from my friend Deborah’s Charles and André, here in a holiday photo slide show.

“Meow! Meow!”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Deborah assures me Charles enjoys dressing up, and that he purrs while in costume. On the other hand, Dougy and Andy prefer to walk around in their birthday suits!


28 thoughts on “Post 1251: A Christmas greeting from a couple of cats…

  1. What a cute slideshow of Deb’s cats. The cats are picky here about what they wear. Shoko doesn’t mind something on her head or neck but looks absolutely miserable if I try getting something around her middle. Therefore this new vest I got her is a real challenge for both of us. Kali prefers the nekked look. The only thing she purred while wearing was her Hawaiian lei.
    Merry Christmas to all.



  2. Merry Christmas, Doug, Andy and Dougy! Those are great photos of Charles from Deborah! Just getting caught up with you all again.

    24 degrees here at daybreak this morning, but sunny and clear. With any luck we might hit 40 today!

    Remember Leon Redbone and “Kitty Cats’ Christmas”?


    • No, I don’t. As soon as I post this, the link will go active and I’ll checvk it out. Thanks! I am pleased Deborah agreed to let me share those photos. I enjoyed them, and I felt people who’ve followed her cats, starting with the trip to Paris, would like to see them again being Christmas kitties.


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