Post 1286: “Shhh! Stop bothering us!”

Andy and Dougy now stop by to demand videos for kitties. So far, one with squirrels seems to be a favorite.

Both kitty boys try to catch them, usually stepping on the laptop and accidentally stopping the video or bringing up drop down menus. I do have to supervise their video fun, so it isn’t a perfect kitty babysitter! 



Andy’s watching from the glider arm.


Dougy took the recliner.

I never anticipated how intensely interested the kitty boys would find the videos for cats. Andy is especially interested in them and would watch them for hours if I let him. Dougy tends to watch them for 20-30 minutes, then takes a break for kitty business.


54 thoughts on “Post 1286: “Shhh! Stop bothering us!”

  1. doodz…tell yur dad if him haza dee vee dee player him can get a dee vee dee called ….. backyard buffet…

    de title iz “mewvie” the motion picture for cats…. itz been out for awhile and haz burd, mice, squirrel…all on one reel ! 🙂

    heerz two a king oh de herringz kinda week oh end ~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

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  2. Interesting they are so involved. I’d have to put the videos up on my big screen if all wanted a watch but I don’t think I’ll start that. 20 catz jumping at your big screen when you can hardly afford to buy a light bulb seems like asking for trouble.

    Anyway, parents always need to supervise what their kids watch.

    All you boyz take care. ~~dru~~


    • LOL! My two are little kids when they watch the videos: very quiet and tolerant of things that usually get them upset. (For example, Andy got away with being on the ottoman that Dougy claims, while Dougy took over the recliner.)

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