Post 1286: “Shhh! Stop bothering us!”

Andy and Dougy now stop by to demand videos for kitties. So far, one with squirrels seems to be a favorite.

Both kitty boys try to catch them, usually stepping on the laptop and accidentally stopping the video or bringing up drop down menus. I do have to supervise their video fun, so it isn’t a perfect kitty babysitter! 



Andy’s watching from the glider arm.


Dougy took the recliner.

I never anticipated how intensely interested the kitty boys would find the videos for cats. Andy is especially interested in them and would watch them for hours if I let him. Dougy tends to watch them for 20-30 minutes, then takes a break for kitty business.

54 thoughts on “Post 1286: “Shhh! Stop bothering us!”

  1. The kitty video sounds like a good idea. Ours would have to take turns at the screen though. All nine would need a big screen TV, movie theater chairs and a concession stand to keep everyone happy. 🙂

    • …and you haven’t made the investment yet??? LOL! The image of all your kitties snacking on Greenies, sprawled on recliners in from of a 60 inch flat screen made me choke on laughter! LOL!

  2. doodz…tell yur dad if him haza dee vee dee player him can get a dee vee dee called ….. backyard buffet…

    de title iz “mewvie” the motion picture for cats…. itz been out for awhile and haz burd, mice, squirrel…all on one reel ! 🙂

    heerz two a king oh de herringz kinda week oh end ~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  3. Interesting they are so involved. I’d have to put the videos up on my big screen if all wanted a watch but I don’t think I’ll start that. 20 catz jumping at your big screen when you can hardly afford to buy a light bulb seems like asking for trouble.

    Anyway, parents always need to supervise what their kids watch.

    All you boyz take care. ~~dru~~

    • I’m surprised I haven’t used these videos for cat amusement till very recently. I guess t is because they never seemed interested whn I playedvideos I made o them on my PC.

    • LOL! My two are little kids when they watch the videos: very quiet and tolerant of things that usually get them upset. (For example, Andy got away with being on the ottoman that Dougy claims, while Dougy took over the recliner.)

    • I am surprised myself, Gunnar. Andy is especially interested in them, probably because he is in the habit of watching local birds out the apartment windows. Dougy watches out window, too, but not tot he extent Andy does.

    • They do show jealousy, don’t they?! I think a tablet would work better to show the kitty boys videos, but I don’t have one. The laptop works fairly well, and the screen on mine is largish.

    • Great! Do you ever show them on your blog? I know you write a poetry blog, but I’m sure your kitties are beautiful and much loved! (I love cats, too, obviously enough since they are the major part of my blog!)

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