Post 1298: disappearing snow…

We had a little snow last night. I felt I could manage it without digging out, yet when I looked outside early this morning, someone had cleared the snow around my car. Yes, my next door neighbor, Gary! (So much for my landlord.)



Not much of a storm….


…but I see my neighbor cleared the path around my car to ease my way to get to dialysis.. Wow!

Dougy was unimpressed with the snowfall. He likes it deep!

18 thoughts on “Post 1298: disappearing snow…

    • Ironically, when they first moved in, I was a bit upset because they asked me to move one spot over in the parking spot I’d had fort a decade. I didn’t know at the time that Donna has some medical issues that made that move reasonable. (I do, too, but hers involve asthma and allergies that make a longer walk sometimes a major difficulty.) Once I realized that, I lightened up. The extra walk that made for me is trivial and beneficial since I need to get exercise to maintain my physical condition.

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