Post 1305: interactive kitty…

Andy believes in getting right into this video business. Never know, you know, if you might luck out and catch that dang birdy on the screen!


 Too much stimulation! Andy pounces!



22 thoughts on “Post 1305: interactive kitty…

    • Interesting! One never knows. Andy finds the videos more interesting than Dougy. In fact, Andy likes car advertisements on television, presumably because they usually feature objects zooming around on the screen.


    • He oftentimes hits keys that stop the video or otherwise stop the fun. I try to make sure he doesn’t get too rambunctious on the computer because you never know what keys he might hit that change things you prefer not to have changed!


  1. Hello weggie boy ! Miss H (golden persian lady ) does that too, sometimes, and not always when birds are singing in the screen.
    I am trying to brush her every day – but she does not agree … Difficult moment
    amitiés – france – kissies to the kitties 🙂


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