Post 1375: a touch of cold weather…

It’s a cool, lazy day, I fear. Both of the kitty boys played a little with the peacock feather, but what they really want to do today is…nothing! I agree with them. All I feel like doing is wrapping myself up in an afghan and keeping warm.


Andy is in no mood to amuse me.
“Let me be!”

“I played with the peacock feather. What more do you need from me??”

I guess the kitty boys need a rest today from the hard work of being kitties. I suppose the recent warm weather raised their expectations for more warm weather.

I’m disappointed, too. I could use some sun!

17 thoughts on “Post 1375: a touch of cold weather…

    • A lot of that here, too. For that matter, I take a nap or two myself, wrapping myself up in a warm afghan or comforter. I’m ready for the warm weather! The forecast here is for 2-4 inches of snow during the day. We’ve already had some rain and a light snow during the night.

    • Glad to read you are recovering from your bug. I know how miserable it can be when the weather goes in and out.

      Yeah, I’ve never got adequately warm today, but I’m getting there. It’s tempting not to turn the heat back on.

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