Post 1388: Andy guards his National Geographics!


I put some National Geographics on the floor with the intent of sorting through them and reading those I haven’t yet read. The only problem now is Andy claims them for himself. 

Yeah, and that’s the “they’re mine and I will slash you with my Death-Dealing Claws of Doom if you try to take them from me” look he’s giving me! 


48 thoughts on “Post 1388: Andy guards his National Geographics!

  1. In the tradition of teen-agers everywhere, Andy is probably hoping to sneak a peak at some of those exotic cats from faraway lands !


    • And other critters, no doubt! (I better put the magazines out of their reach, though, because they – Dougy, too! – have begun to rip the cover off one of the magazines. I hope it’;s the one that got wet and probably will be tossed anyway.


    • When the kitty boys were youngsters and had a diarrhea problem associated with a parasite they ingested in an infected grasshopper (a long and expensive story…), Andy used to leave little poop pucker marks on surfaces where he visited and sat. I had to keep a close eye on the kitty boys and take care of giving them baths as soon as possible in those grim days!

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