Post 1389: …and they know I’m leaving

Andy and Dougy are used to me leaving for periods of time. They watch, subtly, but beyond doubt. They pick up on clues like me taking a shower (Andy likes to watch), the clothes I put on, the fact I put on shoes (I am barefooted at home), and how I turn on Nebraska Public Radio to keep them company. They know I’m leaving.

What they do while I’m gone is a big question. I’ve thought about getting one of those motion-activated cameras, hoping there’d be nothing but sleeping kitties on the video when I view it.

More likely, they’d be chasing each other and tearing up things. I bet they are clawing the carpet and furniture, climbing the screens, and walking on the counters and dining room table. If they sleep, it’s on the guest bedroom bed.

Whatever they do, though, when I come home, they are waiting behind the door when I open it! Maybe they just know they are going to get kitty food (usually, depending on the time) or maybe they missed me. It doesn’t matter. I’m just happy to see my kitty boys again! 

38 thoughts on “Post 1389: …and they know I’m leaving

  1. I bet they do miss you, Doug. Our cats greet us at the door, always curious as to where we have been. Maybe what you need is to hook up a video camera to yourself and pipe it into the laptop so they can watch you while you are out! 🙂

    • Then they’d find out what I do…! LOL! It’s an interesting idea, though, and I would enjoy entertaining them this way. When I get back, they are very interested in sniffing me, my clothes to determine what I’ve been doing and where I’ve been. One gets used to their snoopy ways, eh?! (Andy like to watch me shower, and Dougy always has to be there when I use the toilet.)

    • I don’t know, Michel. I’df like to think they’d scare of bad people, but they might let them have their way if the bad people scratched thim behind the ears!

  2. They all recognise the necessary car sounds. Even the feathered ones. I used to have two cockatiels who shrieked when I drove down the long right of way drive to my house. I worried that the guy on the other side of my neighbour would complain about their noise as much as he did about her dogs’ barking. But she said they only shrieked when my car came down the driveway. They never shrieked at cars when I was home. She and I never had a problem with any noise made by our furred and feathered friends.

  3. I bet they nap while you are not home. That is sweet that they will be waiting by the door for you when you come in.

  4. Hello weggie ! My younger kitty is getting more and more accustomed to the flat.
    Last night she could open a big box containing some clothes …how did she ? she made some scratches all over the plastic envelopes, but not to my best-loved woollies… she ate also – another night – a long green feather for decoration, but happily she did not eat the hard part … feathers are dangerous for cats.
    I never buy feather toys – but I left … the decoration feather ! It could have been worse.
    It is so lovely to hear the welcome miaouwwws – and find the 2 of them welcoming bhind the door.
    Do enjoy ! Amitiés de france – Caresses aux kitties

    • They do amazing things, don’t they?! Yes, feathers and string toys are both ;potentially harmful if they swallow them. (The kitty boys thank you for suggesting I give them some loving! Give you kitties some loving from Andy, Dougy, and me, too!)

  5. My husband has set these up in different places in our house. We have seen some interesting videos. Need to move one to the kitchen, one managed to get on top of the cabinets the other day and need to figure out how he did it. Use it for a kitten cam too.

  6. It’s probably better that you don’t put up a camera or anything. I’m just sayin’. What you don’t know about, you can’t get mad about it. Take it from the pig. My mom doesn’t want to know what us anipals do here at the Hotel Thompson when her/dad are gone. Snorts with piggy laughter – happy Friday my friend! XOXO – Bacon

  7. Boy, isn’t that the truth ! When my routine is changed by a day off, or running errands after I get off my part-time work, they know that too ! Scritches to your boys.

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