Post 1443: July 4th holiday…

The kitty boys and I are taking a day off for the holiday.

35 thoughts on “Post 1443: July 4th holiday…

    • I don’t know about other places, but we’ve had very unseasonal (warm) weather so far this year. Snow’s in the forecast for tomorrow, but it will take more than that to put me in the Christmas mood this season. I presume you mean the recliner (which usually shows up in blogs with the foot rest up, which could easily make you think it’s a couch), which the kitty boys and I all agree is very, very, very comfortable and worthy of fighting over!

    • Same to you! I don’t ordinarily celebrate it since none of my family lives here and I don’t do fireworks because I hate noise as much as the kitty boys, but it’s safe to wish me a Happy Fourth here! Same to you, late!

    • I hate to be sour, but I hate this holiday because the loud fireworks start days before the holiday, and last until a day after, by law, but there seems to be a light following of the law. Wears me out.

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