Post 1445: a hot morning today…

“Now that you and Andy have eaten your morning kitty food, are you ready for some peacock feather play, Dougy?”

“So that’s a ‘no’, McDougall?” 

It’s already hot inside the house today, and no one is moving very fast. Dougy will perk up once the air conditioner brings the temperature down!

17 thoughts on “Post 1445: a hot morning today…

    • I surely is. I keep the air conditioning on for their comfort mostly. I can tolerate a bit more heat than they. Also, I make sure they have plenty of water available so they can keep hydrated. They find cool places in the apartment to spend the hot times of the day, so I see very little of them through those hours.

    • Exactly! One of the questions they ask at dialysis is if my appetite has been good. This time of year, it is as good as hot weather allows, which is not as much as during cold months. Of course, at dialysis, every question asked and answered in a way that deviates from the usual answer requires an explanation. When it’s hot, who feels like going into detail!?

  1. You lucky devils….an air conditioner! We suffer with a fan. Only the well off have an air conditioner up here. Kali is flaked up on the cat pole and Shoko is over at the used car backyard across the Lane.


    • This apartment complex was built in WWII for laborers working on building an airbase outside of town for the training of paratroopers and glider troops used in the D-Day invasion of Europe. As “exotic” as its origins are, the complex was built with little insulation. It is unbearable inside without air conditioning in the hot months, just as the cold months are unbearable without the heat being turned pretty much to the maximum. The units were updated at one point in the 1970s or 1980s, but they apparently did nothing to insulate them. Other units (modular) installed in the early 2000s are modern and well-insulated. Though I had a chance to move into one, I stupidly didn’t take advantage of the chance because the modular units have just one bathroom instead of the two my unit has. Other features (in sink disposal unit, dish washers, really deluxe showers that are more suitable for people with disabilities than the bathing features of this apartment) make the new units better suited for people, but I made my decision years ago!

    • I leave the air conditioning on for their comfort. Actually, they seem comfortable in hot weather, and their fur is cool to the touch, like they might be insulated from the heat. Regardless, the air conditioner stays on. Don’t want to take chances!

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